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Penoscrotal web reduction, circumcison

bubbabubba Dr. Brian Christine Homewood 2018-03-26
It's worth it     

I look forward to having web reduction. It resulted from infant circumcision 28 years ago. At same time some excess penile skin will be removed I am hoping for a good outcome...

Male Circumcision inquiry

Registered user Dr. Javed Dawreeawo Vacoas 2018-05-11
Haven't done it yet

hello i would like to know the approximate price for a Male Circumcision

inquiry and questions about male circumcision

Khushpreet Punjab 2018-03-16
Haven't done it yet

What is the cost of this procedure? Do i need stitches? And how lon is the recovery time?

Questions about male circumcision - price, stitches, recovery time

Khushpreet Dr K M Kapoor Chandigarh 2018-03-13
Haven't done it yet

What is total cost of this procedure Stitches one or zsr or stitchless Please tell cost of that and recovery time

I am nervous about my situation

Deep Dr K M Kapoor Chandigarh 2017-11-02
Haven't done it yet

I am nervous about my situation

For my one month old son

faisalghafoor Brussels 2016-08-31
Haven't done it yet

For my one month old son,

To have Male Circumcision done ASAP

Larouge Dott. Francesco Alia Milano 2016-07-26
Haven't done it yet

To have this procedure done ASAP Thank you

Circumsition: litttle pain and quick healing

Registered user Dr Karthik Ram Chennai 2015-10-19
Haven't done it yet

Least pain and quick healing.

i would like to enquire about circumcise

Registered user Aesthetics Geneva 2015-10-02
Haven't done it yet

i would like to enquire about circumcise , im a a late bloomer. would like to ask if i could move around alot while working as a chef so thats why..

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