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Ear surgery with Dr. Motruc - quick procedure, great doctor but I still have pain

 |  Dr. Theodor Motruc
Percaade  |  2018-03-31
 |  Martie Iasi
  It's worth it , Total price: €600

Sa purtat foarte bine cu mine , e un doctor minunat. Operatia a decurs relativ repede , a fost mai usor decat credeam chiar daca inca am dureri dupa aproape 2 luni.                                                                                                                                       ... More 

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Otoplasty - Great value for money

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
JHardman  |  2018-01-09
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: €670

I had a great experience at Forme, for the price of my surgery I highly doubt I could get anywhere near the same level of quality and care without spending thousands money at another clinic. The staff were helpful and comforting and the operation carried out by Dr Vasek was faultless, I highly recom... More 

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Interested in otoplasty

Dr Osuch Clinic
wutangnx  |  2017-12-28
 |  Warszawa
  Haven't done it yet

Hello, I am interested in having otoplasty. I looked through many doctors and their work. And my pick is Dr. Osuch, however I do not see an otoplasty as an option in the procedures list. Does he still operates the ears?

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I am looking for an affordable doctor

Dr Tautvydas Urbonas
Dan123  |  2017-01-26
 |  Kaunas
  Haven't done it yet

I am looking for an affordable doctor that can reduce my concha. My ears are otherwise normal and don't need to be folded. They stick out far off of my head due to the deep conchal bowl. I have already decided I am definitely getting this procedure, but I am shopping for the most affordable doctor.

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I want to make Otoplasty Surgery

Klinika YES VISAGE - klinika estetické medicíny a plastické chirurgie
Amarta  |  2016-12-12
 |  Prague
  Haven't done it yet

I want to make it in Jenuary, Otoplasty Surgery, looking for a good price and good doctors, interesting how does it works, about payment and all information...

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Very good job

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Anonymous  |  2016-09-26
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

i went here last year for otoplasty on my ears and cannot recommend the clinic and staff enough. i was very sceptical about having work done outside the uk for fear i would end up in a back street surgery, this is not the case with the clinics out here. The quality of surgery is excellent and very c... More 


Excellent results of otoplasty

 |  Asklepion
Anonymous  |  2013-02-17
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

I had an otoplasty with Dr.Chova. He is very concerned about getting the results he wants. I found him very professional and a good, solid doctor.

Ears correction

 |  MUDr. Tomáš Doležal
Prosiaczek29  |  2011-03-14
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

Doctor Dolezal is very nice and professional. I had surgeries: rhinoplasty, ears correction and lips augmentation. I am just two weeks after surgeries, but I love my new look. For dr. Dolezal most important is not money but pacient.

I just have few questions about ear surgery .....

Mohammed M. Alkahtani M.B.ChB
Anas.N  |  2018-04-05
 |  Jeddah
  Haven't done it yet

I just have few questions: Which hospital or clinic you recommend for this kind of operation (Jeddah) ? What is the price range for this kind of operation? Have you suffered from any side effects after the surgery and how long did they last? If I take a two week vacation to perform the surgery and... More 

Ears that stick out

Dr. Abel Hipólito
Registered user  |  2017-08-29
 |  Guadalajara
  Haven't done it yet

I have ears that stick out and one of them looks like it's sticks out more than the other and I want them to look even

Professionalism, listening

 |  Dr Jérôme Bessard
L31  |  2017-07-28
 |  Toulouse
  It's worth it , Total price: €1,560

Extremely professional, attentive and careful doctor ; good listening and very reassuring, as each member of the team. That was a great experience and if I could do it again, I wouldn't change anything. I strongly recommend Dr Bessard and its surgical team. Congrats and many thanks!

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Bad Experience

Gully  |  2016-08-31
 |  Birmingham
  It's not worth it , Total price: $5,000

Had a bad experience with this surgeon, left me with more problems physically and mentally than i ever had before. Lack of acknowledgment of a poor outcome makes me unable to say anything positive about him. I would avoid unless you can accept a sub standard result.

Couldn't be happier with the results of my ear reduction

 |  Dr. David T Gault
Registered user  |  2016-04-08
 |  London
  It's worth it

I had ear and ear lobe reduction surgery at The Wellington Hospital by Dr Gault and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The size of my ears had always bothered me from a young age so after doing some research I discovered Dr Gault’s website and was so thrilled to have my first consultation durin... More 

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I am happy with the results

Dr. Armando G. Apellaniz Campo
thevessinator  |  2012-08-12
 |  Mexico City
  It's worth it

My name is Daniel, I'm 25 years old and am currently living in Mexico City. For many years I've wanted to get an Otoplasty procedure done to correct my protruding ears and was fortunate, by looking through the Estheticon website, to find Dr. Apellaniz. I contacted him through email, which he respo... More 

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Ear Surgery

Dr. Murilo Louzada
Guilherme  |  2012-06-18
 |  São Paulo
  It's worth it

Just realized that Dr. Murilo Louzada got a new web site, which I totally endorse. Dr. Murilo is one of the best on his area and he deserves consideration from myself and my family. Wish dr. Murilo Louzada all the best ever.

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