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I will love to do the otoplasty ear surgery

Barbita Dr. Oscar A. Rodriguez Tegucigalpa 2017-01-31
Haven't done it yet

I will love to do the otoplasty ear surgery. How much does it cost?

Ear surgery

Registered user Dra. Nashielli Torres Espinosa Guadalajara 2014-10-13
Haven't done it yet

I would like to get the procedure as soon as possible

Guilherme Dr. Murilo Louzada São Paulo 2012-06-18
It's worth it

Just realized that Dr. Murilo Louzada got a new web site, which I totally endorse. Dr. Murilo is one of the best on his area and he deserves consideration from myself and my family. Wish dr. Murilo Louzada all the best e... More 

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