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I have problem with my under eye bags and it makes me look very old and tired

Dr. Vincente Rodrigo Facial & Rhinoplasty Specialist
Metok  |  2018-03-29
 |  Budapest
  Haven't done it yet

I have problem with under eye bags and it makes me look very old and tired. I would like to remove it with surgery since blepharoplasty result should last more than 10 years. I also would like to know if there will be any scars left and any guarantee for the result after the surgery. Cost for the su... More 

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Blepharoplasty and lipo with Dr. Stasch - he is very genuine, I highly recommend him

 |  Dr. med. Tilman Stasch
The boxer  |  2018-03-21
 |  Nairobi
  It's worth it , Total price: $7,000

I was very nervous about the thought of having plastic surgery but after reading about Dr Tilman through recommendations I was confident enough to have a consultation. After five minutes of meeting Dr Tilman he put me at ease. He was very genuine in his approach and he didn’t oversell was important ... More 

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Blepharoplasty with Formé Clinic and Dr. Vašek - i knew i was in good hands!

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Dominga  |  2018-03-09
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: €800

I picked Formé Clinic and specifically Dr. Vašek because my friends recommended it. I had a blepharoplasty on upper and lower eyelids and I was really satisfied with result from the beginning. Dr. Vašek and his team have very profesional approach. From the first communication through emails (their... More 

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Eyelid surgery with Dr. Andrius Pajèda

 |  Dr. Andrius Pajėda
Editele  |  2018-02-27
 |  Kaunas
  It's worth it , Total price: €600

Very happy with the result. Doctor helped me to choose the procedure and explained every step in the OR (procedure was done in local). I am coming back for Botox and HA fillers. I recommend dr for facial procedures

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impeccable work in Prague

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Neets  |  2018-02-13
 |  Prague
  I can't decide , Total price: €4,700

First i have to say the nurses and reception staff were second to none, really nice and helpful. I have written a few times since my procedures and have always received a response. First the neck liposuction, my face looks much better but although i had and still am following the instructions its n... More 

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The whole process was exceptional

 |  Dr. Vincente Rodrigo Facial & Rhinoplasty Specialist
Registered user  |  2018-01-16
 |  Budapest
  It's worth it , Total price: €1,800

The whole process was exceptional, I am the type of person who experiences a high level of anxiety, but Joanna and Dr Rodrigo put me to ease, they are wonderful. Dr Rodrigo is highly skilled and treats his patients with the utmost respect and care. In addition, I am in awe of the outcome, I could no... More 

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Brilliant results

 |  Dr. Suleyman Tas MD, FEBOPRAS
Turgay Akyüz  |  2017-11-29
 |  Istanbul
  It's worth it

For the last few years, my eyelids have been disturbing me but I did not have the courage to have an operat. since I am a man and I am not tat young anymore. But after a consultation session with dr. Taş, I saw how much more confident I would feel afterwards and his gentle but very professional mann... More 

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I am nearly 1 year post surgery and extremely happy

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Registered user  |  2017-08-21
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: $1,000

I am nearly 1 year post surgery and extremely happy with my results. Everything went smoothly, the clinic and Dr. Vasek were very professional. I am so pleased I will be returning for a face lift this October.

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I am coming back

 |  MUDr. Zuzana Černá Ph.D.
cdt  |  2017-08-21
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

Excellent care. Wonderful medical team. Well looked after (2012), this is why I intend returning for liposuction and tummy tuck.

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Not recomendable

KT  |  2017-07-11
 |  Prague
  It's not worth it , Total price: €3,500

Not recomendable, eyelids are now, after the OP, one total catastrophe, it must be redone. Mr. Mešták is not able of selfreflexion, react most irritably at every question, does not accept any negative notice, he is not able to discuss calmly the problems. Lost of money and time.

Outstanding.Wonderful surgeon and team ..kind caring

 |  Dr Tautvydas Urbonas
catzzzz  |  2017-06-22
 |  Kaunas
  It's worth it , Total price: €2,300

Outstanding.Wonderful surgeon and team ..kind caring and highly skilled.Would completley reccommend to anyone.I has bbl and lipo ...would not hesitate to return Marie(Registered nurse UK)

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I am a customer of Omini Clinic and of Dr. Theodor Motruc

 |  Dr. Theodor Motruc
Elena  |  2017-06-09
 |  Martie Iasi
  It's worth it , Total price: €450

I am a customer of Omini Clinic and of Dr. Theodor Motruc. I consider myself the luckiest person to have found them. From the very beginning as I entered the clinic the entire staff made me feel welcome. The doctor and the staff members are incredibly friendly and professional. The communication is ... More 

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110% satisfaction in Prague

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
philw9  |  2017-05-11
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: BGN920

After a long decision I decided to have my procedure done at the Formé clinic in Prague with Dr Vasek . I had great communication with them befor I went , I knew exactly what was going to happen and ask every question under the sun in regards to the procedure and was totally satisfied with there res... More 

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I needed to make a change in my physical appearance

 |  Dr. Theodor Motruc
Ionela  |  2017-04-18
 |  Martie Iasi
  It's worth it

So to get to be part of the team omni CLINIC, I was skeptical regarding the surgery, thinking I will not call again, or rather that I have the courage to make a change in this respect. But the doctor professionalism, enthusiasm patients latter procedure not only gave me courage and confidence I need... More 

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Upper and lower blepharoplasty

 |  Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda
Michaelfrye1  |  2017-04-04
 |  Mexico City
  It's worth it , Total price: CA$3,112

I had this surgery back in December of 2016 while on vacation in Mexico City. Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda is an absolute amazing Dr. and person. He is 100% personable. He was able to answer all of my questions and put me at total ease. I am very pleased with the way I was treated by him and his ... More 


My Blepharoplasty journey with Dr.Jo

 |  Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik
Registered user  |  2016-12-29
 |  Vienna
  It's worth it , Total price: €1,600

I was very doubtful and anxious about meeting a plastic surgeon on internet. However, I knew that I have already decided to choose her the moment I met her, even though she as slightly expensive. I remember her first phrase was "You don't need any surgery" I felt that she is kind but realistic which... More 


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