Scalloped Edge Labiaplasty

Scalloped Edge Labiaplasty


Could anyone please let me know if the scalloped edges that were left after trim method of labiaplasty will ever smooth or flatten out? I am 6 weeks post op and have had a nightmare of a recovery, still trying to deal with it all. The scalloped edges are bothering me and I'm hoping they will just sort themselves out or at the very least a laser treatment or something is able to be done. Please help...

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Dr. Albert Feichter

For labioplasty I have a Special technic, that provides the laxity of the vagina. It should never get too narrow. Each side of your labia will be sutured separatedly in a zig-zag modus ,
Dr. Feichter, Vienna

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I have already had the procedure and am left with as pictures show. Is there any way I can smooth them out?

Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik

Hi there,
I will only answer your question (will not make a comment on a result...)
it should be better with time, try to do a pressure massage, 3 times a day 10-15 minutes
good luck & best regards, dr. jo

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Thank you for your advice. I feel i need a revision to correct the cut frenula and the over cut labia but apparently it's too soon and have to wait 5 months post op. I have been massaging the stitched scalloped areas but not for 10 minutes at a time so will start that. Thank you.

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Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik

Yes, definitely, you need a correction
you can hold the whole finger and press simultaneously the both scars using both hands

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Thank you for your advice. Do I actually rub the scars or just press down. Thanks

World Wide International Aesthetic

Hi Tere

If you want we can fix it with revision surgery.

bets Regards

Dear Patient
We have to check Your look after 4 months. Then we will be able to decide about technique of correction. I think it will be possible.
You can always contact me directly by WhatsApp:+  4860... Show number 48601227375  Telephone
Rafał Kuzlik

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