Inge Groot

Inge Groot

After quite some hesitation, I finally decided to get rid off my dark and swollen lower eye lids. Although I'm no older than 42, I sometimes felt like 50 when looking in the mirror. I've heard from MYCLINIC through a friend of mine, who was treated there with great success. Since I'm not in favour of surgery, injectables seemed a good alternative.BeforeThe first consultation made me feel very at ease. The clinic in Prague is spotless, special, tastefully decorated and the staff is very friendly. Nobody tried to talk me into getting things done that I didn't agree with, and they listened very carefully to my wishes. The doctor advised me to treat my lower eye lids with Radiesse for the best and most natural result.First they sedated my cheek bones with two or three small injections and after that, the doctor injected Radiesse into my cheek bones. That way my hanging lower eye lids were sort of lifted and less visible. The treatment was fast and almost painless.That evening, my lower eye lids and cheek bones were swollen and bruised, but that was covered by make-up easily. It didn't last for more than three days. After two weeks, the doctor checked me and advised to inject a little bit of Beautical to one spot on my cheek bones to get an even better result. Three weeks after the first treatment my face and eyes looked much better and people started to ask me whether I've been on a holiday or something like that.AfterNo need to stress any further that I'm very satisfied with the advice and treatment of MYCLINIC. I would recommend the clinic to all of my friends and family and I'm planning on doing some additional Botox-treatments myself.

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