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Registered user Dr. Jose Luis Valero S. Tijuana 2019-02-06
It's worth it     

Gynecomastia, they removed the glandular tissue that had developed. I was super happy with the results and at 2 weeks I was close to 100% recovered. The results were permanent, even after 12 years I continue with the res... More 

to get as much information as possible

Registered user Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann Frankfurt am Main 2016-01-11
Haven't done it yet

to get as much information as possible


nc Mr. Marc Pacifico M.D. Royal Tunbridge Wells 2015-03-12
Haven't done it yet

28 yr old looking for experienced surgeon best city/country and best price for gynecomastia surgery/lipo

Disappearance of my male breast

Registered user Dr Karthik Ram Chennai 2019-03-21
It's worth it     

Really I feel good treatment taken with Dr. Karthik Ram.i felt no pain post surgery.finally my problem was solved. Thanks to Chennai Plastic Surgery team

Great treatment of Gynaecomastia in Cairo

Registered user Dr Mohamed Wahba Cairo 2019-01-10
It's worth it     

Great doctor! Very experienced and confident. Don't hesitate, you won't regret it.

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