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Clodiglio Luxembourg 2017-02-15
It's worth it

22 years old. I've been looking where to find lip injections for years. After full research i came to jeremy. He made my lips amazing. Full of volume and so natural. I'm so happy of the results. Exact... More 

Dina Geneva 2012-09-18
It's worth it

After my treatment with doctor Tenorio I was totally delighted with the results , having had deep lines around my mouth for so long i couldn’t believe how they disapeared after three treatments ,I tot... More 

Toby Bangkok 2018-01-16
It's worth it

The man to speak with is Gary! He runs the place and made everything an extraordinary experience. The doctor was incredible as well because the results were just as I asked for. There were no complica... More 

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Zee91 New South Wales 2018-05-28
It's not worth it

Dr. F left me with lips I\'ve hated for the last year and a half. uring my visit with him, he did not listen to what I wanted, was extremely rude, and did a terrible job. I asked for .3 ml of product ... More 

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ann_li Ancona 2017-10-03
It's worth it

Il rinofiller con il Dr. Grassetti è stata un'esperienza molto soddisfacente! Ho fatto una procedura relativamente piccola, ma ha cambiato la mia vita e il modo in cui mi vedo! Non sono ancora abituat... More 

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