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Lip injections

 |  Dr Jérémy Joiris
Clodiglio  |  2017-02-15
 |  Luxembourg
  It's worth it

22 years old. I've been looking where to find lip injections for years. After full research i came to jeremy. He made my lips amazing. Full of volume and so natural. I'm so happy of the results. Exactly how i wanted them. Defently going back to him!

Lines around mouth

Dr Xavier Tenorio
Dina  |  2012-09-18
 |  Geneva
  It's worth it

After my treatment with doctor Tenorio I was totally delighted with the results , having had deep lines around my mouth for so long i couldn’t believe how they disapeared after three treatments ,I totally recommend him and thank him . He has a great manner and created a relaxed and pain free experie... More 

Visited for facial fillers

Toby  |  2018-01-16
 |  Bangkok
  It's worth it , Total price: $460

The man to speak with is Gary! He runs the place and made everything an extraordinary experience. The doctor was incredible as well because the results were just as I asked for. There were no complications, and will go back for some brotox or something soon. They charged me fairly, compared to other... More 

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I had 3 procedures with Dr. Rodrigo G. Munro-Wilson Cepeda and my results exceed expectations

 |  Dr. Rodrigo G. Munro-Wilson Cepeda
NY Guy  |  2018-04-18
 |  San Pedro Garza García
  It's worth it , Total price: $10,000

I has an extended abdominoplasty, male breast reduction and liposuction, fat transfer and fillers. Superb experience once I arrived at the airport. Safe upscale neighborhood. Dr Munro Wilson a d staff were there for me constantly whether at hospital or hotel which is across the street from the offic... More 


Rhino fillers with Dr. Grassetti

 |  Dott. Luca Grassetti
ann_li  |  2017-10-03
 |  Ancona
  It's worth it

Il rinofiller con il Dr. Grassetti è stata un'esperienza molto soddisfacente! Ho fatto una procedura relativamente piccola, ma ha cambiato la mia vita e il modo in cui mi vedo! Non sono ancora abituata, ma credo apprezzerò per il resto della mia vita. Sono stata sempre una persona che prima era scet... More 

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Correct and make naturally more youthful

Dr Olivier DE FRAHAN
Amber  |  2017-08-01
 |  Paris
  Haven't done it yet

I work and my busy season ends in april. Would like to have this procedure done at the end of April so I can hel before season starts up again in July. Have a large divot in abdomen from previous botched look suction. Would like to fat graft. Also, sagging skin on face - face and neck lift, eyelids,... More 

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Very professional with excellent results

 |  Dr Aida Cheriet Dufresne
Registered user  |  2017-06-15
 |  Paris
  It's worth it

My great satisfaction with the results of my procedures has inspired me to write a review for Dr. Cheriet. She is a warm and considerate person with very refined manners. Dr. Cheriet is an excellent listener, giving recommendations regarding what you need. She is a truly expert professional, very... More 


I am totally delighted with the result every time

 |  Dr Gilles Delmiglio
Registered user  |  2016-11-22
 |  Dublin
  It's worth it

I am totally delighted with the result every time I visit this doctor. I have gone twice a year for the last five years and I always end up looking great, natural, relaxed and no longer tired and worn-out. He expains everything, stays totally up tp date on all the techniques, helps you to make a inf... More 

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I done filler under my eyes before

Dr. med. Christina Brunner
Lays  |  2016-11-09
 |  Hamburg
  Haven't done it yet

I done filler under my eyes before and is time for me to do again, I just moved to Hamburg I was living in NYC so I had done over there and I really like to results, I would like to have done as soon as possible! I'm a model and I have 28years old so I work with my image


I had fillers today by Dr Swift and I am amazed

 |  Dr. Arthur Swift, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S.(C)
Registered user  |  2016-02-01
 |  Montreal
  It's worth it

I had fillers today by Dr Swift and I am amazed and so pleased with the results. Very kind and reassuring man. Gentle with doing the procedures. I have my confidence back. Any one considering it you will be 100% pleased. Go ahead. I can not thank this Dr Swift enough


I recommend

sonya  |  2011-12-19
 |  Constanta
  It's worth it , Total price: €500

Professional team in best hygienic conditions and latest technique!


Very professional

Dr Pierre Vereecken M.D., Ph.D.
Anonymous  |  2011-10-15
 |  Anderlecht
  It's worth it

Nice contact; Very professionnal; Perfect !

Visit with Dr Natasha April 2011

M.D. Natasa Popovic
Debra22  |  2011-06-26
 |  South Australia
  It's worth it , Total price: $340

Natasha was was helpful and flexible. She had great communication with me and went out of her way to make contact and return my calls. I was very happy with the outcome and I will visit her again for a follow up procedure early next year. Thank you

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