Excellent experience with a facelift!


I am now in that age when look in the mirror wasn’t quite the right and I wanted facelift but didn’t want to run into debts. I searched and found that in Prague there is high standard of plastic surgery. I visited also clinics at home to know what kind of surgery is my case and then I found a clinic in Prague. I chose Yes Visage where first I sent my pictures and consulted exactly the same which was told me at home. We agreed on date and everything went smoothly. At the airport a car picked me up and took me to the clinic. I was surprised by the accommodation quality and I liked it very much. I had some doubts about the surgery but Dr. Martin Molitor explained everything to me and readily answered all my questions. Everything was smooth. Everything was clean, modern and very nice. I little bit regret not having more time before the surgery to get to know Prague. It is a very nice city. I am very satisfied with the surgery. I can’t speak for other doctors at the clinic but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend by surgeon as well as the whole clinic of course.

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Megan Bedell

Hi there! Thank you so much for your review. It's great to hear how happy you are with your experience and your results, and you describe it all with excellent detail! If you would like to share some pictures we would love to see them. And Prague is indeed a beautiful city - I hope you will have the opportunity to come back and enjoy it! Thanks again,


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It's worth it

Very swollen and sore after but that was to be expected. One month post opp everything going well stil bit numb at side of face but was expecting that too. Met people who haven’t seen for a while and they haven’t notice... More 

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