Neck and Lower Face Lift - Well worth it!!


Being very unhappy with my turkey wattle neck I decided to do something about it. After reading reviews on sites like this one I found Mr Pacifico and attended one of the regular free information evenings he gives. He understood what I wanted and was extremely clear in his explanations of what could be done and what I could expect as a result. He gave me lots of information and also outlined clearly all the things to be aware of when undertaking such surgery. I had surgery in February this year and could not be more pleased. The morning after the operation I looked in the mirror and saw the old me looking back. No wind-dried appearance - just a natural peeling back of the years to reveal the me I still feel I am. I left hospital 48 hours after the operation with my hair washed and my makeup on feeling a million dollars. I was back at work within the week. Apart from a little discomfort the night of the operation I can honestly say there has been no pain. I am so very very pleased I had this done and cannot recommend stronlgly enough Mr Pacifico for being the very professional surgeon that gave me back my confidence in myself. He was supportive before, during and after the operation - which is so important. I am writing this review because I believe that it was because of reading other people's experiences that I made the right choice of surgeon and want to ensure that others have the same happy outcome.

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