I'm so happy with the result


Its exactly 3 months since Dr Jo did my rhinoplasty surgery and I'm so happy with the result so far. I originally chose to travel from England to Slovakia to have the surgery as it was considerably cheaper, and after doing some research and considering a number of different surgeons I decided to go with Dr Jo for three main reasons: her impressive before & after photos, her price, and her extremely helpful and friendly email communication. When we met she really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable about the whole procedure, the operation took 2-3 hours and recovery was easy and pain free. The only painful part of the whole procedure was the anaesthetic needle! The swelling and bruising faded after about 10 days and now after 3 months I am so happy with the result and am very glad that I chose Dr Jo. I definitely recommend her and will go back to her if ever I decide to have more surgery.

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It's worth it

Andrew, U.K. Dr. Skulavik is fantastic! Excellent work, kind, helpful, and easy to discuss concerns with. She is professional, kind and caring and involved in the whole process which is most comforting and respectable. ... More 

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