KeithI just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Jo Skulavik, and to express my most sincere appreciation to her for everything before, during and after my procedure.before surgery - after surgeryAs a former rugby player,  I suffered various injuries, including a broken nose on a number of occasions. Men are just as sensitive about their looks as women, and I was very unhappy with my nose alignment and finally, after the lateral part of my apex collapsed, I decided to do something about it. I did my homework, and  went through an exhaustive search in the U.K. as well as abroad. I decided for Dr. Jozefina Skulavik in Vienna because of her outstanding reputation as a plastic surgeon specializing in all sorts of face procedures. In order to significantly reduce my cost, Dr. Skulavik suggested my operation to take place in Slovakia, for which I am very grateful. Her professionalism, medical advice as well as artistic advice, together with her warmth and her ability to make me more at ease made me feel I could trust in her. Dr. Skulavik´s confidence convinced me that going  through with this procedure with her as the surgeon was the right choice for me. Dr. Jo, I Thank you for the incredible job you did with my nose, in its form as well as function. I love the result! It's exactly what I wanted! You understood my needs perfectly! You are an amazing artist!

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Your nose is far worse than mine,yet she said she couldn't fix it,after sending her pictures! She told me to seek a rhino surgeon. I don't understand.

By the way,your nose looks great now.

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Andrew, U.K. Dr. Skulavik is fantastic! Excellent work, kind, helpful, and easy to discuss concerns with. She is professional, kind and caring and involved in the whole process which is most comforting and respectable. ... More 

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