Transferring of fat to buttocks


Dr. Alberto Lara did my extended tummy tuck at Hospital Jerusalem in Tijuana, in October 2011. He also did some liposuction and transferring of fat to my buttocks. I loved Dr. Lara, the staff, the recovery house and especially the results. I am going back to Dr. Lara this week for body sculpting and will plan future trips as well. I highly recommend Dr. Alberto Lara. Kim Chapman Eugene, Oregon

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do you mind if i ask if the scar for tummy tuck is from hip bone to hip bone basically? i have seen a few where it is alot smaller but am curious about their way of doing it. and the transfer to buttocks- did they tell you if it will stay smooth and how long before i needed 'touch up'. I came across one woman that said she got bundle pricing with huge discount by doing so- did you as well? And how was the clinic? you hear horror stories so its always best to ask someone that has been to the specific place you are interested in. thanks in advance

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It's worth it

It took me too long to decide whether to go for these kind of operations or not, visited 3 Doctors to take such decision. At the end i visited Dr.mohamed wahba he was so friendly and professional despite the face that he... More 

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