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It's worth it     

I'm very satisfied with the fantastic results after labiaplasty. Dr Rafal Kuzlik is the best doctor I have ever met. Happy I chose this doctor, I totally recommend. Profesional efect and the price worth it. If you want s... More 

I am very satisfied

It's worth it     

I am very satisfied with the conultation, with all the procedures and with the fantastic results. I am starting my new life now.

Labioplasty after having 2 children

Alie1264 Dr. Nicole Hallgren Inc. Kamloops 2018-05-07
Haven't done it yet

To ferl better and confident after having 2 children.

Labioplasty- how much it will cost

priyaa Dr. med. Friedemann Ruß Karlsruhe 2016-11-25
Haven't done it yet

i have to know how much it will cost. i am student here.once i am clear with the procedure and it cost,i can earn it.

I would like to change the appearence

CVnb@1086 Dr. Brian D. Peterson Kelowna 2016-06-09
Haven't done it yet

I self mutalated myself alot growing up and would like to change the appearence for confidence and would like to know my options

Patients1 Name not published. Why? Kentucky 2020-09-02
It's not worth it

I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting labia plasty done was very bad experience I had the procedure in office I was awake under gas but fully alert could feel the doctor stitching me up and cutting sensation. Soon as I got... More 

Labiaplasty to reduction labia minora

Gk Mohammed M. Alkahtani M.B.ChB Jeddah 2018-10-02
Haven't done it yet

Large labiaminora

Labiaplasty - looking for a surgeon in Mexico

Uzi Dr. PAUL ALAN Vega Yepez Mexico City 2018-03-09
Haven't done it yet

Looking for a surgeon who will do a good job

Tummy tuck and labiaplasty at the same time?

Rainy64 Dr. Salvador Medina Sanchez Tijuana 2018-03-09
Haven't done it yet

I am looking to book a tummy tuck but would like to know if I could get a labiaplasty at the same time. Would like to hear from others who had this surgery and how the recovery was

uneven labia

danije Dr. Carlos Igor Alcalá Barquisimeto 2018-01-02
Haven't done it yet

I have uneven labia and wish to have them corrected to a neater and sleek look.

Traveling to Budapest for Labiaplasty

Registered user Dr. Nino De Negri Budapest 2017-12-19
Haven't done it yet

I will be traveling to Budapest. I am hoping to find the right doctor to do Labiaplasty on me.

more information

Ga MUDr. Petr Mertan Prague 2017-12-19
Haven't done it yet

Hi I am interested in getting some more information about the labia reduction inner and outer

the cost and the time

Carlito 2017-11-14
Haven't done it yet

I would like to know the cost and the time procedure and airport near your clinic.

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