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Labiaplasty: comfortable experience

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Luckybunny  |  2016-10-16
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: €1,200,175

I came from London, trusting the many positive reviews online and it really lived up to the praise! All the staff were very helpful and friendly, and they conducted extensive exams to make sure they accommodated all my needs. The surgeon was very explicit in explaining exactly what he intended the f... More 

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I am very satisfied

 |  Dr. med. Jaroslaw Tribull-Potapczuk
Aannabo  |  2016-08-31
 |  Berlin
  It's worth it

I am very satisfied with the conultation, with all the procedures and with the fantastic results. I am starting my new life now.

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Some advice

Dr. med. Petra Berger
Registered user
Registered user  |  2015-03-04
 |  Frankfurt am Main
  Haven't done it yet

Just after some advice and feedback from those who have had the procedure.

I have lost sensation

Dr Ilona Wnuk-Bieńkowska
Registered user  |  2015-01-19
 |  Częstochowa
  Haven't done it yet

Since the birth of my son I have lost sensation in the vagina & seems to be loose. Also the Labiaplasty is important as I have large flaps that I would like removed. These catch when I walk, making it uncomfortable and they look unsightly.

Happy with the result

Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik
michaela  |  2012-06-25
 |  Vienna
  It's worth it

Its 7 days since Dr.Skulavikova did my labioplastic surgery.I`m SO VERY HAPPY with the result so far.She is very caring and takes time to make sure you are comfortable.The hospital stay and surgery was the most stress FREE I have ever had.I would definetly reccommend her and if I ever need anything ... More 

Tummy tuck and labiaplasty at the same time?

Dr. Salvador Medina Sanchez
Rainy64  |  2018-03-09
 |  Tijuana
  Haven't done it yet

I am looking to book a tummy tuck but would like to know if I could get a labiaplasty at the same time. Would like to hear from others who had this surgery and how the recovery was

I have an enlarged labia

Alexander Kutubidze
Jojo24  |  2017-09-21
 |  Tbilisi
  Haven't done it yet

I've always been extremely insecure about my enlarged labia. Once when I was about 14, I did some researched and discovered the name of the procedure was called labiaplasty. Not having any money and knowing my parents wouldn't pay for it, I insanely decided to try and perform surgery by myself. Afte... More 


I would like to change the appearence

Dr. Brian D. Peterson
CVnb@1086  |  2016-06-09
 |  Kelowna
  Haven't done it yet

I self mutalated myself alot growing up and would like to change the appearence for confidence and would like to know my options


Dr. Nasim Huq M.S., FRCSC, M.Sc.,F.A.C.S. C.A.Q.S.H.
Registered user  |  2015-10-05
 |  Niagara Falls
  Haven't done it yet

Inquiring about labiaplasty to see what my options are

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Great doc!

 |  Dr. Carlos Cordoba
Registered user  |  2014-09-05
 |  Montreal
  It's worth it

I'm a recent patient of Dr. Cordoba and can only recommend him. He is knowledgeable, patient, has an open ear for his patients, and takes the time to address any concerns you might have. The results speak for themselves. The staff at the clinic is great as well. Everyone was very kind and caring pre... More 

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