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Very nice care!

Registered user Estetik International Health Group Istanbul 2018-05-23
It's worth it     

I have been a patient of Estetik International only due to dear staff who cares a lot about patients. 

laser hair removal

Chiara92 Dr. Ioannis Gkotsikas Thessaloniki 2018-02-20
Haven't done it yet

Hi. I want to do laser hair removal in the groin area. But I want to know the price and how many times I should do this. Thank you in advance

Basic information

Nc LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland® Lugano 2017-11-14
Haven't done it yet

Mostly I want to know the process for bikini and chine.

Look for best pricing

Tat Dra. Andrea Galeano Castro Bogotá 2017-11-09
Haven't done it yet

Look for best pricing, can you help me doctor? 

Laser hair removal: permanent result wanted

ilky Georgios Andreanidis Athens 2016-10-06
Haven't done it yet

i need to get information if i will get rid of them forever.

i would like to have a laser hair removal

Registered user Ústav lekárskej kozmetiky a.s. Bratislava 2014-10-23
Haven't done it yet

i would like to have a laser hair removal from all the face area

I think it's the best way for hair removal

Registered user Xanthi 2014-09-03
It's worth it

I think laser it's the best way for hair removal. I got tired with wax because it is painful.

Laser hair removal

Anonymous DR FAYEK MOURICE GORGY Cairo 2012-06-18
It's worth it

Dr Fayek dermatology clinic is a very distinguished clinic,very good staff, highly welcoming doctor with high experience, thanks for them.

Very happy with the results

Anonymous Dr. Adel Quttainah Maidan Hawalli 2011-11-23
It's worth it

I highly recommend the clinic, they have many services as well the doctors are very good. I had hair removal and am very happy with the results..thank you

Anonymous Dr Khalil Saab Dubai 2011-11-01
It's worth it

I had body full of hair and i had done many hair removal procedures but the results were not satsfying, its was big headache to me because some of the machine were very painful until when i met dr Akbar Ali of Marina med... More 

best clinic

Anonymous Fors Estetik Istanbul 2011-06-28
It's worth it

The best clinic with the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons...I will recommend the clinic to everyone..

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