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Laser skin tag removal inquiry

Nirved215 Dr. Alberto de la Fuente Tijuana 2018-05-15
Haven't done it yet

I would like too book a procedure to remove all these skin tag along my neck area and under the armpit area. Needed prices and is the procedure painful.

Plse advise

Minx Dr. Rex Christian Kennedy Montroyal MD Stockholm 2017-07-06
Haven't done it yet

Plse advise cost of renovate of skin tags on face and neck

Skin tag removal in Accra

Beekay Dr Kwasi Debra MD MBA Accra 2017-06-06
It's worth it     

Skin tag removal

Large skin tag on the back of my leg.

selz Marina Garcia Barcelona 2016-07-13
Haven't done it yet

Hi, I have a large skin tag on the back of my leg which looks really ugly. Could i please book an appointment ASAP to have this removed.

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