Labiaplasty of long labia - I feel ashamed

Labiaplasty of long labia - I feel ashamed

Lily Shelby

I ohm have a long labia and it makes me ashamed I'm so Embarrassed I can't stand looking at it I really would love to uh get Labiaplasty and hopefully feel confident and like a Normal high schooler :(

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Hi Lily, there is a list of doctors who perform labioplasty (you can select one according to your region):
And finally, discussion on that topic with reviews on doctors:
Let me know what you think!
May I ask about your age?

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Goggo 2020-08-17
I can't decide

Could anyone please let me know if the scalloped edges that were left after trim method of labiaplasty will ever smooth or flatten out? I am 6 weeks post op and have had a nightmare of a recovery, still trying to deal wi... More 

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