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Cost of upper lip lift

Registered user Dr Osuch Clinic Warszawa 2018-12-07
Haven't done it yet

I am looking to do bullhorn / upper lip lift. I want to know the cost please

Bulhorn reduction

Haven't done it yet     

Hi I want to know about philtrum reduction So reduction the space between upperlip lip and So bulhorn reduction What is the price

maggie Dr Osuch Clinic Warszawa 2017-03-08
It's worth it     

I have done a lot of research on this procedure and it took me almost 2 years to finally go through with it. I was mainly put off by the scar and fear of making my face looking less attractive. I have seen 2 doctors in L... More 

Lip lift and a rhinoplasty in Istanbul

carolina Maya Aesthetic Istanbul 2018-09-26
Haven't done it yet

I want a lip lift and a rhinoplasty

Lip lift, USA

Registered user Dr. Luis Ramírez Montaño Mexico City 2018-09-17
Haven't done it yet

I am in Australia now and will be moving back to the USA before January 1. I'd like to find out the cost of this procedure and have sent a picture of myself. Thank you.

I dont show my teeth

Aracely77 Dr. Roberto Manzano Guadalajara 2017-07-14
Haven't done it yet

When i smil i dont show my teeth

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