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I have lipomas on my both arms. Need to Remove them

Registered user MEDICOM Clinic Prague 2017-03-15
Haven't done it yet

I have lipomas on my both arms. They are big in size and are looking very awkward. Is it ok to remove the lipoma? If we remove the lipoma is there a chance that they will grow again?

Lipoma removal in Prague

Registered user Dr. Bharathi Rajasridhar Chennai 2019-05-03
It's worth it     

“I wrote my review as part of a diary that I kept throughout my surgery time in Prague. I hope it helps others.”

I recommend Lipoma removal in Belgrade

Registered user Violeta Skorobać Asanin MD, PhD Belgrade 2018-05-23
It's worth it     

Completely satisfied with the procedure and tre treatment. I would undoubtedly recommend! Violeta is a professional. The wound took a little time to heal, leaving no scars.

Lipoma without scar if possible

Winky Dr. Saranras Kongthanomrux Bangkok 2018-02-20
Haven't done it yet

I'm at school teaching as a teacher I will be there in April, expectation with no visible scar on my forehead.

Just looking for an expected price

LypomaLeave Aesthetics Geneva 2017-03-20
Haven't done it yet

Just looking for an expected price. For lipoma removal

Lipoma removal

Richnich London, City of 2017-01-20
Haven't done it yet

I am in Budapest from 1-10 February. I have a lipoma in stomach wall. Could you give me an indication of cost for removal?

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