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Lipo with Dr. Camacho - my experience with them was outstanding

 |  Dr. Gerardo Camacho
Registered user  |  2018-03-27
 |  Bogotá
  It's worth it

Doctor Camacho is amazing!! Very dedicated and well organized. Him and his whole team are great professionals and human beings. My experience with them was outstanding and im completely satisfied with the procedure. He is very honest and realistic.


Blepharoplasty and lipo with Dr. Stasch - he is very genuine, I highly recommend him

 |  Dr. med. Tilman Stasch
The boxer  |  2018-03-21
 |  Nairobi
  It's worth it , Total price: $7,000

I was very nervous about the thought of having plastic surgery but after reading about Dr Tilman through recommendations I was confident enough to have a consultation. After five minutes of meeting Dr Tilman he put me at ease. He was very genuine in his approach and he didn’t oversell was important ... More 

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Liposuction, butt lift and skin tightening with Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D. - I’ve never felt safer!

 |  Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.
sara  |  2018-03-01
 |  Alanya
  It's worth it

I had liposuction, butt lift and skin tightening. I had the surgery only a few days ago and can already see amazing results and would recommend anyone considering having these procedures done to do so. The clinic itself is a state of the art, modern institution. The staff, from the amazing team of... More 

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impeccable work in Prague

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Neets  |  2018-02-13
 |  Prague
  I can't decide , Total price: €4,700

First i have to say the nurses and reception staff were second to none, really nice and helpful. I have written a few times since my procedures and have always received a response. First the neck liposuction, my face looks much better but although i had and still am following the instructions its n... More 

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More confident thanks to Dr. Tilman

 |  Dr. med. Tilman Stasch
newme  |  2017-11-27
 |  Nairobi
  It's worth it

My life has just begun thanks to Dr. Tilman. l am now more confident and life feels good.  l  will never be able to thank him enough for how his treatment. Dr. Tilman is a very good listener to start with and also compassionate.Extremely professional and knows his work. He explaining in detail my pr... More 

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Description of my care by Dr. Cem Özlük

 |  Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.
mina  |  2017-10-12
 |  Ankara
  It's worth it

my recommendation My time spent with Dr. Cem Özlük and the team has been fantastic. I am overall very satisfied with my surgery and very impressed with the service and level of core prouded. I was welcomed with roses I was checked on regulany and have get the body I have always dreamed at. Dr. Cem i... More 

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Dr Rodrigo - the best there is

 |  Dr. Vincente Rodrigo Facial & Rhinoplasty Specialist
Timf  |  2017-10-03
 |  Budapest
  It's worth it , Total price: £3,000

Dr Rodrigo is the ultimate professional. I had tummy tuck then Lipo, and about to have nose done. Look no further his Clinic is amazing as is his office manager Joanna who looks after you from the day you arrive .

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Great medical team

 |  Dr. Theodor Motruc
irinastan  |  2017-08-29
 |  Martie Iasi
  It's worth it

A fost o alegere buna - o echipa medicală deosebita, cu oameni dedicați, comunicativi. Google translate: It was a good choice - a great medical team with dedicated, communicative people.

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Outstanding.Wonderful surgeon and team ..kind caring

 |  Dr Tautvydas Urbonas
catzzzz  |  2017-06-22
 |  Kaunas
  It's worth it , Total price: €2,300

Outstanding.Wonderful surgeon and team ..kind caring and highly skilled.Would completley reccommend to anyone.I has bbl and lipo ...would not hesitate to return Marie(Registered nurse UK)

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The doctor was competent, highly knowledgeable

 |  Dr. Gerardo Camacho
Les  |  2017-06-16
 |  Bogotá
  It's worth it , Total price: $4,700

  The doctor was competent, highly knowledgeable, explained the entire procedure, put me at ease, and gave great follow-up recommendations. It is my feeling that the staff in the clinic was caring and the facility is top notch. Dr. Camacho and Dr. Gordillo are great and takes the time to answer all... More 

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The entire experience was first rate!

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Dmac  |  2017-06-06
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

The entire experience was first rate! I traveled from Italy and was a bit concerned about booking a procedure in a clinic that I could not visit in advance. The Forme staff coordinators were completely professional, responsive and efficient. They put me totally at ease. They assisted with my accommo... More 

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Hope To Fulfill My Dream

Dr. Alexander Amir Aslani
Spanishmami  |  2017-02-05
 |  Marbella
  Haven't done it yet

I have a budget of five thousands i had a bbl in Dominican repbulic would never go bk again my fat died im so disappointed and have became and emotional wreck please help me live a better life and archives my goals my surgery will help boost my job and income i have a budget of five thousands i hop... More 


Tummy Tuck and Liposuction in Prague

 |  FORMÉ Clinic
Marie76  |  2016-10-12
 |  Prague
  It's worth it , Total price: €4,100

I arrived at forme clinic on the 5th Oct, had full range of tests to ensure I was in good health prior to surgery. I had a consultation with both Dr Vasek and Dr Benes for two different procedures to be preformed in one single operation. Dr Vasek was adamant that I did not need eye lid surgeries and... More 


Abdominoplasty: attentive doctor

 |  Perfect Clinic - centrum estetické medicíny
ashlealou  |  2016-09-05
 |  Prague
  It's worth it

I've just recently returned from surgery at perfect clinic with dr Pros, all I can say is how amazing it was . He is very friendly and made me feel as ease straight away , he listened to what I wanted and the results are better than I could of ever expected. All the staff and nurses there couldn't d... More 

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