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It's worth it     

After extensive research I chose Forme Clinic for my surgery. Dr Bennes saw pictures of my breasts and tummy and recommended extensive breast reduction (I was a 38GG bra size), lipo and tummy tuck. The medical team is a... More 

Need extensive consultation

Haven't done it yet

Situation is that I really want to have it done, I need face rejuvenation , Reduce fat And do body lifting, would like to have my nose changed and read off of second chin.

The best experiences of Lipo

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-06-14
It's worth it     

From the best experiences ... i never regretted the results was stunning dr anas an excellent doctor he know what u need he was very professional, im very satisfied

Very excellent in liposuction

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

Doctor Anas is very wonderful in his care for the patient and very excellent in liposuction. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery with him.. I highly recommend him!

Satisfying Liposuction

Registered user Dr. Theodor Motruc Iasi 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

Pacienta foarte mulțumită Google Translate: very satisfied patient 

Liposuction on Top

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

He is the best ???

Tunis Liposuction

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

I had several consultantions with other Surgeons before i went to see Dr.Anas. I knew when i meet him, he’s the one. Kind, knowledgeable, professional and work from the bottom of his heart

Great medical team

irinastan Dr. Theodor Motruc Iasi 2017-08-29
It's worth it     

A fost o alegere buna - o echipa medicală deosebita, cu oameni dedicați, comunicativi. Google translate: It was a good choice - a great medical team with dedicated, communicative people.

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