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The best experiences of Lipo

Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas Tunis 2018-06-14
It's worth it     

From the best experiences ... i never regretted the results was stunning dr anas an excellent doctor he know what u need he was very professional, im very satisfied

Satisfying Liposuction

Registered user Dr. Theodor Motruc Iasi 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

Pacienta foarte mulțumită Google Translate: very satisfied patient 

sara Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D. Alanya 2018-03-01
It's worth it     

I had liposuction, butt lift and skin tightening. I had the surgery only a few days ago and can already see amazing results and would recommend anyone considering having these procedures done to do so. The clinic itsel... More 

Review on liposuction with Dr. Wahba - I’m very satisfied with the results!

Soraya Mohamed Dr Mohamed Wahba Cairo 2018-04-23
It's worth it     

Great experience, the doctor is professional and I’m very satisfied with the results!

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