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sara Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D. Alanya 2018-03-01
It's worth it     

I had liposuction, butt lift and skin tightening. I had the surgery only a few days ago and can already see amazing results and would recommend anyone considering having these procedures done to do so. The clinic itsel... More 

طارق American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Dubai 2017-09-18
It's worth it     

نتيجة عملية شفط دهون اللي سويتها لمنطقة البطن والصدر والظهر مع الدكتور كايللي عن جد روعة وكتيرممتازة. عن جد متميز هذا الدكتورشرحلي كل شيئ عن العملية وقالي كتير نصايح لبعد العمليه واتبعتها كلها وكتيرمبسوط من النتيجة Goog... More 

Excellent Treatment

Glenn Wilson American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Dubai 2016-05-25
It's worth it     

WOW!!!!!!! I look and feel great after lipo treatment in this hospital!!!I recommend this hospital to any person who want to shed some fat and get back to shape. Worth every penny

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