Renaissance Skin Care is one of those hidden gems in Melbourne clean but but old facilities @ Mornington, but personalised services-which i like, a range of innovative treatments, as well as value for time and money spent - not many clinics in Melbourne can say the same. I am so glad to have done enough research to know the difference between top tier and not. I have been to South Yarra to St Kilda and now I have found Kas I won’t be going anywhere else. You can have all the fancy trimmings of other practices but I have found Kas to be the best injector in Melbourne and I didn’t even think I would actually meet with Tim Brown plastic surgeon, how refreshing is this man- girls don’t hesitate, just ring Kas for all your skin care treatments

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bbb 2011-12-28
It's worth it

Dr.Alenka is already three years my personal anti-aging and cosmetic surgery consultant. I'm in the fifth decade of life and my doctor has implemented her procedures with a quality and maximum natural effect. I had compl... More 

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