Breast Lift and Reduction in Phuket

Breast Lift and Reduction in Phuket


I was initially a little skeptical about having surgery in Thailand (I am presently living in Singapore) until it was pointed out to me that these surgeons turn men into beautiful women. I have been able to put a pencil under my breasts since I was 14. I've always been described as the 'top heavy' girl and have lived my life in size small skirts and size large (and baggy) tops. I had my surgery on 26th April 2011 and it's amazing how great I look (and modest I feel)! The surgery was carried out in a state of the art general hospital, I had excellent patient care and would highly recommend the experience to anyone seeking a breast reduction. The operation cost £2,800 which allowed me to spend the further cash on a 5 star beach resort to get well in for 2 weeks. I used arnica beforehand and bromelain post op, I've had absolutely no bruising and very little swelling. I spent 2 weeks recovering in a gorgeous resort on the beach but close to the hospital. The whole experience has been so much better than I would have imagined. 3 weeks post operation my results are fantastic and I truly feel liberated. I am talking with the hospital about becoming an agent for them, I'd be delighted to recommend them to anyone.

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It's worth it

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