Closed rhinoplasty with BA - dr. Tonćič in Zagreb, Croatia


I have been considering rhinoplasty since I was a teenager. Over the last few years I was doing the research and got to see six surgeons in different countries. Dr Toncic came recommended by someone else who had a rhinoplasty done at the clinic and was happy about the outcome. I emailed my photos to the clinic and got a quick response from Tajana- patient’s coordinator. Dr Tonic was happy to perform the procedure with the closed approach technique,whereas other doctors suggested the opened approach. Somehow, I really wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision and decided to fly out to Zagreb for a private consultation with doctors Toncic. Tajana made sure I got picked up from the airport by the driver and went from there to their beautifully located, modern clinic. When I arrived at the clinic everyone was extremely welcoming and Dr Dinko Toncic took time to answer all my questions regarding the surgery. He instantly put my mind at rest, and couple of days after my consultation I decided to book my surgery for the 16th of February. I flew in to Zagreb on the 15th of February, and from then on I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was taken care of. I stayed in the private accommodation (adjacent to the building that belonged to lovely nurse Zlata).Zlata and her husband were always at a touch of a button in case I needed anything. The apartment had everything I could wish for. It was spacious and well equipped. Morning of the surgery I had my blood tests done and went in for the surgery within couple of hours. I was really anxious of waking up during the surgery (local anaesthesia with sedation) so Dr Rajko asked nurses to cover my eyes and that was actually the last thing I remember. I was told both doctors were to be present during the surgery.I woke up after what it felt like 10 minutes, and found Dr Dinko assuring me that everything went well.The recovery was better than I really expected. Nurse Zlata kept bringing me painkillers, in case if I experienced any pain, but in the end I didn’t use any. Not being able to breathe through the mouth was probably the worst part of the recovery, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. I am a light sleeper, so I expected to have sleepless nights, but although I kept waking up more or less twice a night to drink some water ( mouth gets extremely dry), I managed to get a good night’s sleep every night. Three days after the procedure the peckings were removed- something I really feared, but it turned out to be completely pain free. I was hoping that I’d be able to breathe through the nose straight away, but my nose seemed a bit stuffed at first, and I was slowly getting used to using it again. The recovery period seemed almost like a holiday to me. I was resting a lot, but in between I managed to do a lot of sightseeing in the city( there are some lovely places to discover).Had I stayed in London, I would have been afraid to go out with the splint and plasters on, but as I didn’t know anyone in Zagreb I wasn’t embarrassed at all. I was surprised at how little bruising I had ( barely any), and it was gone within 9 days. When I first saw my nose nose I couldn’t really get used to it, and felt that it was a bit too pointy. I found it hard to tell what the actual swelling was. I was really over analysing my new nose- taking tons of pictures. Then, I went on holiday and decided to let the recovery run its course. Swelling was going down by every week, but I felt like I was really starting to notice the difference roughly five weeks after the surgery. Now, I absolutely love my new nose, swelling has gone down a lot, not sure if any more drastic changes will take place in the months to come, but today I can safely say that I am extremely pleased with the outcome and feel very lucky that I have come across such excellent surgeons. My friends have been saying how natural it looks ( removing the bump hasn’t really changed my nose from the front, which I was hoping to achieve), and are amazed that are no traces of the surgery left.My family, who were very sceptical at first, really liked the results, which is really reassuring. Both doctors Toncic are not only extremely talented surgeons, but also lovely human beings. You can tell by how happy and dedicated their team is. They made my rhinoplasty experience stress free and left me highly satisfied. Big thank you Drs Toncic and the team !!!

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Dotty, sounds pretty good!!

How did you find the Toncic Clinic? What made you to decide to travel to Croatia? Both doctors are well-known for the rhinoplasty surgery, however it is still quite far away from the UK, isn't ?

What did you worry about, if anything?

What would you recommned to those who arethinking of going abroad for a treatment?

Thank you very much for your very detailed review which is very helpful for those who considering any surgery.

Enjoy your new nose, Michaela.

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Hi Michaela,

I found Dr Toncic Clinic through someone else who had a surgery at the clinic. I saw some really reputable surgeons in the past ( from Europe and South America), but Drs Toncic seemed like they were very skilled in the field of rhinoplasty, and I instantly knew I wanted to have the surgery at their clinic.
I worried just about everything. I worried that the outcome wasn't going to be satisfactory. Almost everyone was telling me that I'd loose my character by removing the bump from my nose, and sometimes even I feared the same. However, everyone has been saying how my new nose fits my face,and they are surprised at how smooth the recovery was. I feel more beautiful after my rhinoplasty.
I worried about the pain, and the anaesthesia. I really didn't want to be aware of anything being done to me. I remember nurses saying how afraid I was ( I understood that from croatian), because I was shaking so much right before the surgery, but you just have to trust them. There is really no pain, and both doctors and nurses take a very good care of you.
I was worried about the emotional impact of the whole surgery, potential lack of sleep. I totally went off coffee and any caffeine for roughly 10 days,so maybe that helped, because I managed to sleep pretty well while recovering.
I never had a problem with going abroad for the surgery,however, I felt that getting to know the surgeons beforehand was a deciding factor, and I'd definitely recommend that to anyone considering surgery abroad.


thanks for sharing, I like how your nose looks like now

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