Bullhorn lip lift at Dr. Osuch, Poland


Google translate: Hello girls, I had an operation with bullhorn lip lift at Dr. Osuch. This is a procedure during which the surgeon cuts a piece of skin from under the nose and thus shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lip which rises to the top and further enhances. The pattern is in the shape of the bull horns and her name is BULLHORN LIP LIFT. This treatment lasts 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.After a long search for doctors and unsuccessful attempts with fillers - only made them from the mouth I made a "duckling" and they became more heavy decided to decide on a lip lift. With Dr. Osuch I contacted email because I live in London. After several emails and photos I made a deal!Dr. Osucha first met me on the day of surgery when we once again discussed our expectations about the outcome and how it would look like. I was very stressed but Dr. Osuch assured me that everything will be fine and I am the perfect candidate for this surgery. Here's a few words about the doctor - it's a very professional person I knew I was in good hands right after the consultation, I also had the impression that he really depends on me to have such lips that I dreamed - I trust him 100% and I was right!After the surgery I was placed in a nice / private post-workout room, a nurse who was very good to me in the dressing room (holding my hand during painful anesthesia injections) brought me a bottle of ice for my mouth and analgesic.The procedure is not painful the worst is injections with anesthesia and later as the doctor told me I will only feel like "paints my vassals" :) and so was.I boarded a plane in London two days after the surgery with a huge patch on my face it would seem that I should arouse sensations at the airport but most people did not pay attention to me.The first week after lip lift: the upper lip is very stiff, and it is swollen - in my case the swelling was minimal and I did not have bruising.I was here in London at a friend's doctor, there are a few of them and every doctor or nurse should know how to get them.After a month of operation I started to apply a cream to the scar recommend Kelo-Cote which can be ordered for example by Amazon.I started to make make up for the scar after total healing, so on some pictures it seems more red because I have pouring make up around the scar.I am now almost 11 months after the surgery very happy that I decided to lip lift at the doctor Osucha only pills I did not do that a few years earlier! My scar looks great in all I have forgotten that I have. It is a great hide and I can not even see my friends who know I had a surgery are surprised that the scar is gone!The girls are very happy to answer the questions so write to me.Calusy xxx  

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A very nice result. Did you have to remove the stitches or did they dissolve?


Hi can i have your email address to have some information about the bullhorn lip lift with Dr. Osuch? Because i would like to go to Poland too but I need some information. Thank you.


Hello, thank you for sharing ur story, I am just curious about the scar, how visible it is without make up, its the only thing holding me back. Thank you

Przed i 10 miesiecy po lip lift zdjecie. xxx


Przed i 10 miesiecy po lip lift zdjecie. xxx

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Cześć Maggie, super efekt. Czy pokazałabyś zbliżenie jak po dłuższym czasie wygląda blizna? Czy wykonywałaś jakieś zabiegi na bliznę (np. laserowe)? Dziękuję!

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