Rhinoplasty review with before and after - dr. Dinko Tonćič, 2 years post op


About two years ago I've decided to finally take the plunge and get rid of the annoying bump on my nose. The bump was extremely visible from the side, as well as from the front, which almost bothered me more. After tons of research and online browsing, I've finally decided to book a couple of consults with different surgeons. All pretty much had the same plan, the details varied in the type of anaesthesia, length of surgery, waiting for time, price, etc., which were not the most important factors in my search. After a consultation with Dr Dinko Toncic, I immediately felt like I had found the right surgeon for me. He was incredibly patient, as I am super inquisitive and wanted to know everything, he took his time and walked me through every stitch, so to speak. Even before the consultation, I was very impressed at how the clinic deals with patients over phone and email, as everything was quick, everyone I spoke to was very kind, professional and it genuinely seemed like they were all here to help. This was all confirmed in person as well. 
Anyhow, after two days of consideration, I decided to book my surgery and I have absolutely no regrets.
Everything was done as it was explained to me. Dr Dinko had another consultation with me before the nose job and he did the surgery in local anaesthesia, but they gave me some sort of a drug which made me sleepy, so I don't remember much of the surgery. All in all, it was not painful and it was pretty quick. 

The first three days are not a walk in the park since your nose is stuffed and food taste like...well it doesn't taste like anything, its all bland :) As soon as the packings were out, I felt so much better! The rest of the recovery was easier to take, until the splint removal. 
The seventh day after the surgery they took the cast off my nose and I was immediately thrilled. I had luck and I didn't bruise much (I hear some people do), I've just had a few darker spots under my eyes, which I was allowed to cover up with makeup.  I've recently gone for a checkup (maybe considering some other non-surgical treatments :)) and I can again say that the staff and the doctors are simply wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone who needs cosmetic surgery, they are true experts, as I have seen some other patients there and were surprised about their results as well. I've noticed they are quite popular with international patients, as I've seen an Italian lady do an eye lift procedure (I don't know the name) and an Austrian girl was there for a boob job. Both seemed very pleased :) Good luck to anyone who is considering surgery abroad!

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Hi do you remember the cost of the procedure?

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Hi Emma, the price is written in the detail of this review, see above - 2000 Euros.

Found some pictures I'm comfortable…


Found some pictures I'm comfortable sharing:

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I didn't go to turkey, I was in Croatia for surgery. I''m sorry to hear you are not happy with ur experience with your doctor



we are sorry to hear that! I am sure that we can´t throw all the Turkish doctor in one poke, that would be unfair. But I would like to hear your story, do you want to write a review about your experience?

Best regards,



Hi MarinaRick,

unfortunately, I can't really open the links with your photos, but may I just say bravo for such a nice job! I am sure you must be happy with your new nose.

Enjoy it!


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Thanks Annika, I am very happy. I will try to upload the photos from the links. :)

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