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Mesotherapy for face without pigmentation, wrinkles and scars

Karolinkax55 Dr Jérémy Joiris Luxembourg 2019-07-24
Haven't done it yet

I am 33 years old woman. And I would like better face without pigmentation, wrinkles and scars. I am interested to Mesotherapy and so one...thank

Vitamin Boost in Bangkok

Max11 HE CLINIC FOR MEN Bangkok 2019-07-02
It's worth it     

Very fast and professional clinic. International quality. Highly recommended

Very satisfied with mesotherapy results in Belgrade

Registered user Violeta Skorobać Asanin MD, PhD Belgrade 2019-05-03
It's worth it     

I am very satisfied with mesotherapy, I would recommend to everyone.

Want to do meaotherapy

Juanis Dr. Marco Antonio Salazar Trujillo MD Bogotá 2017-06-06
Haven't done it yet

Want to do meaotherapy. Who is the best doctor.

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