Labiaplasty: The Surgery that changed my life


Ever since my body started to change under the influence of hormones during puberty, I noticed a big difference in my private parts. It became very asymmetrical and I knew I would never be happy with it. From the time I started dating, I became very afraid of intimacy because I was worried that my boyfriend will not like me down there. It caused me anxiety and inability to relax during sex. Sometimes I also felt some discomfort when sitting in jeans for a long period time. One day I came across the term labiaplasty on the Internet and I started to find out more about it. That's when I knew it was what I wanted. It took me years to overcome my fear of the surgery and I finally decided to take the next step. Based on the reviews, I decided to contact Dr. Skulavik and arranged a meeting with her. She patiently explained everything to me in detail. Thanks to her understanding human approach, I did not feel ashamed and I knew I had made the right choice. Subsequently, we agreed on the date of the surgery and she sent me preoperative instructions. In my case, the operation took 2.5 hours and went smoothly. After the numbing injection, I started to feel a sharp pain, so I had to take some painkillers at home and fortunately, the pain subsided. The following day, I woke up without any pain. It was swollen, but I knew it would look nice after healing. I followed the post-operative instructions from the doctor and it was healing without any problems. I rested at home for 2 weeks to heal well. I definitely do not recommend moving around and sitting for few days after the surgery. From the beginning, you will not be able to use toilet paper and you will be required to apply an antibiotic cream after the shower. It is also necessary to apply cooling compresses for several days, which helps against swelling and bruising. Showering after each visit of the toilet, however, is not necessary as you may read elsewhere. Urinating after the surgery is painless, but if you feel any discomfort, you can use a bottle of warm water to dilute the urine. The stitches were completely absorbed and fell out within a month, but the period when they are falling out and getting absorbed is really itchy, so try to resist any scratching. At that time, being without panties helped me a lot. If you want to heal completely, you must also count with the sexual withdrawal. The whole healing process takes about two months, but it goes really fast and most of the time, without any complications. I am almost 1 year post-op and I could not be happier. It looks amazing, I feel more confident and more relaxed during sex. The surgery also helped me from a hygienic point of view. In my case, the doctor conducted a labiaplasty with clitoral unhooding. Dr. Skulavik is very experienced in this area and she knows what she is doing. The so-called wedge technique they perform at other clinics within 30 minutes is not suitable for everyone and every woman is different down there. Also, a labiaplasty surgery without the clitoral unhooding may not always look very pleasant. Dr. Skulavik has special techniques to achieve a complete aesthetic appearance. Don't be tempted to various discounts, it is a very serious decision and a botched labiaplasty is very difficult to fix. Just take a look at how such botched labiaplasty surgery can turn out if you choose an inexperienced surgeon. Dr. Skulavik has already helped countless women who sought her out with botched labiaplasty, which she corrected if it was possible. Dr. Skulavik treats each of her patients with respect and kindness. I really appreciated her quick responses whenever I had questions during the healing period. She even texted me the day after the surgery to ask how I was feeling. I can recommend this to all women who are still hesitating if they should get the labiaplasty surgery. Do not worry and go for it. It will change your life for the better and you will finally be able to feel more confident. I keep my fingers crossed for you and I want to thank the doctor Skulavik for her amazing work and devotion she puts into it.

Dear Mia, thank you for your incredible…

Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik

Dear Mia,
thank you for your incredible testimonial, I am happy for you
kind regards

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