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The review of patients who have undergone the Mommy makeover are priceless. Share your experiences with choosing a doctor , with by a procedure Mommy makeover, insert before and after pictures Mommy makeover and 27 reviews for pricing Mommy makeover. Estheticon offers you 44 reviews. Below Mommy makeover you can discuss and check doctors reviews. If you undergo the Mommy makeover yourself, help the others in their decision and type your review.

It's worth it     

As an oversea patient finding a great surgeon to trust and a good team to help and support me during my stay was my top priority. It took me 2 years of endless google research, months of trawling through countless online... More 

XlizX FORMÉ Clinic Prague 2017-07-06
It's worth it     

Dr Mertan carried out my tummy tuck, with lipo, and breast augmentation with lift. I am three weeks post op, and already ecstatic with the results. The skin on my stomach was loose due to losing 7st (45kg), and now my s... More 

Mcas Name not published. Why? Košice 2018-03-19
It's not worth it     

Terrible experience I had a tummy tuck and breast lift /augmentation in the same 5 hour operation . Drains were removed early resulting in fluid gushing out of the wound . Two inches of my scar opened up . 17 weeks late... More 

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