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Asian nose Augmentation

Haven't done it yet

Asian nose Augmentation I have Asian nose and wish to make augmentation in hight and make it thinner

Haven't done it yet

When I was 17 I was in a ver bad accident and broke my nose in 3 places. Since, I had my nose reset and had a rhino/speto/turboplasty which made a big difference but still left my with an indent where my cartilage is. I ... More 

Interest of Non-Surgical Nose Job

Kei Dr. Moataz Alfares M.D. Bratislava 2018-06-19
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I'm just interested in more information 

How to do it?

Mandms Dr. med. Claudia Stoff Attrasch Köln 2017-11-21
Haven't done it yet

I don't like the way my nose look

I have a humb in my nose's bone i would like to reduce it

Nawara Nordrhein-Westfalen 2017-03-06
Haven't done it yet

I have a humb in my nose's bone i would like to reduce it.

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