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The Drs. Fortouls. I can not say enough wonderful things about them. I had a botched buttock augmentation in the US. I sought out the best doctors in the world to fix my buttock deformity. I found them in Dr. Tomas & Dr. Fabiana Fortoul. I stayed in Venezuela for a month. From the time I arrived to my departure, they made themselves available to me the whole time. I could call them day or night if I had any questions or concerns. We did have a medical plan as to what was going to happen. After the examination and seeing for themselves, they wanted to go another way. At first I didn't agree with it, They gave me 3 days to think about it. During that time, Dr. Tomas came to see me and talk to me and explain in great detail why they wanted to go another route. Dr. Tomas left the decision up to me. I trusted them, and went with the new surgical plan. It was the best decision I could have made. They put my body back to exactly where it once was. They put my self esteem back intact. I will be forever grateful to these amazing and knowledgeable doctors. I know they had plenty of other patients, but they made me feel as if I was the only one. It was a pretty significant surgery, I had very little pain and hardly any down time. Although they advised me to rest and take the time to recover, after about 4 days I was ready to sight see. As I have gotten older and much more wiser after this experience, when the time is right and I need a little nip & tuck, I would travel the world to have these doctors again. Forever in Their debt. Nora F. Koteras

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Dr  Tomas Fortoul R.
Plastic surgery, Caracas
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The results are satisfying I would like to visit dr.anas again

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