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The review of patients who have undergone the Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) are priceless. Share your experiences with choosing a doctor , with by a procedure Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), insert before and after pictures Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) and 681 reviews for pricing Rhinoplasty (Nose Job). Estheticon offers you 2254 reviews. Below Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) you can discuss and check doctors reviews. If you undergo the Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) yourself, help the others in their decision and type your review.

It's worth it     

I am completely happy. The whole process, the staying, the attendance, the equipment and services - everything was aimed at alleviation of any pain or discomfort I could have! The hospital ward was comfortable, the food ... More 

Cirugía de la nariz en Sucre. Recomendado realmente satisfecha con los resultados

It's worth it     

Recomendado realmente satisfecha con los resultados . Un equipo de personal excelente. Antes, durante y después de la cirugía. ?

It's worth it     

I had a deviated septum and my nose was also very big. I had a hump on my nose that I didn't like. I contacted Dr. Valero, he answered all my questions, he was very attentive, the response times are very fast. I operated... More 

I'm reaching my 50th birthday and would like Rhinoplasty

Haven't done it yet

I'm reaching my 50th birthday and would like this done

Playa0507 Dr. Jose Luis Valero S. Tijuana 2019-05-13
It's worth it     

I just wanted to improve the shape and size of my nose. I went to Dr. Valero because on his website I saw that he had extensive experience in rhinoplasty. I made an appointment, talk to him and I was very satisfied with ... More 

It's worth it     

I had a deviated septum and I think that's why I got a hump and the tip of my nose looked droopy. Dr. José Luis Valero Salas operated on me; and I want to say that I am extremely satisfied and grateful.He informed me of ... More 

lunanuna Dr. Dinko Tončić Zagreb 2019-02-11
It's worth it     

He made my nose straight and a bit smaller than it was before and I am incredibly happy with my new look. Not only he gave me a new look but he gave me a natural look and that is something I respect a lot. The operation ... More 

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