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It's worth it     

I had a deviated septum and my nose was also very big. I had a hump on my nose that I didn't like. I contacted Dr. Valero, he answered all my questions, he was very attentive, the response times are very fast. I operated... More 

lunanuna Dr. Dinko Tončić Zagreb 2019-02-11
It's worth it     

He made my nose straight and a bit smaller than it was before and I am incredibly happy with my new look. Not only he gave me a new look but he gave me a natural look and that is something I respect a lot. The operation ... More 

It's worth it     

I am not one to leave reviews online, but in the case of Dr. Pietro Palma I feel it is my duty to do so. Having broken my nose several times in my late teens through sport, I had my first rhinoplasty operation in my earl... More 

Registered user Prof. Pietro Palma MD, FACS Milano 2018-06-06
It's worth it     

I was mildly terrified of altering my face in a way which wasn't to my liking and an exceptionally natural look was therefore of paramount importance to me. After may hours spent researching, I couldn't believe my luck ... More 

Registered user Op.Dr. Serkan Balta Istanbul 2019-03-31
It's worth it     

Normally i am very afraid to make any kind of operations but Mr Dr. Serkan Balta helps me a lot to do this step he was so peofessional that i didnt hesitate to do this big step. İ didnt told him to much how i wish to hav... More 

It was a great experience, revision Rhinoplasty

ilginoskan Dr. Suleyman Tas MD, Assoc.Prof., FEBOPRAS Istanbul 2018-06-14
It's worth it     

It was a great experience, I feel lucky that I found Dr. Suleyman. This was a revision rhinoplasty, I am happy with the result. I want to thank him and his team!

Americangirl Violeta Skorobać Asanin MD, PhD Belgrade 2016-12-07
It's worth it     

I had dreamed about getting plastic surgery my whole life also for psychological reasons, I was teased a lot during childhood and had very traumatic experiences because of the way I looked. The doctor was not after the m... More 

Registered user Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD, PhD Istanbul 2016-09-12
Haven't done it yet

Hi there, I currently live in the UK but am planning to travel abroad in October.I have a cartilaginous nose with thick skin. My nose is wide and asymmetrical.There are deviation and asymmetries on the nose. There is a h... More 

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