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lunanuna Dr. Dinko Tončić Zagreb 2019-02-11
It's worth it     

He made my nose straight and a bit smaller than it was before and I am incredibly happy with my new look. Not only he gave me a new look but he gave me a natural look and that is something I respect a lot. The operation ... More 

Registered user Prof. Pietro Palma MD, FACS Milano 2018-06-06
It's worth it     

I was mildly terrified of altering my face in a way which wasn't to my liking and an exceptionally natural look was therefore of paramount importance to me. After may hours spent researching, I couldn't believe my luck ... More 

It's worth it     

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago in the Poliklinika Toncic in Zagreb. Very pleased with the results : very natural and proportional to my face. The doctor and the nurses are really kind and I would 100% recommend this cli... More 

It's worth it     

I had a my nose job done in zagreb by Dr. Rajko and Dr. Toncic. I selected the Poliklinik Dr. Toncic after years of trying to find a Dr. that achieves a natural look, and not a tiny hollywood nose where u can see from 10... More 

It's worth it     

I traveled from the UK during mid-2016 for Revision Rhinoplasty with Professor Palma who performed my FOURTH nose surgery. The result? Speechless when I first saw it and still amazed one year later! I'm delighted with th... More 

It's worth it     

My overall experience at the Dr. Toncic clinic was extremely positive as it excels by far in every aspect of the whole cosmetic surgery process. An expert Aesthetic Consultant referred me to Dr. Rajko and Dr. Dinko, as m... More 

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