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Patrice Steele

Dr. Ralph Manktelow is a wonderful surgeon. He saved my left hand after a trauma to one finger. This injury was not going to allow my hand to close properly. Dr. Manktelow invented a hand halo that was used after surgery to teach my finger how to move immediately after the surgery. This saved my hand, preventing the bone at the knuckle from fusing solid. Through six months of daily therapy my hand fully recovered closing completely. I am a Police Officer and for a short period of time was unsure if I would be able to return to my normal duites. I did so because of Dr. Manktelow. Thank you for doing what you do so well so others can live a normal life.

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Hi. My name is EUGENE CHARRON i live in PETERBOROUGH, Ont. Quite some time ago back in the 80's i had two toes transplanted to my left hand. I want to direct this letter to Dr.MANKTELOW. First i must apologise for n... More 

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Registered user Dr. Gherissi Anas 2018-05-24
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He is a profissional surgeon of reconstruction surgery

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