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In 2019 I undergo primary rhinoplasty which should be just a minor "touch" and turned out as complete disaster- aesthetically my profile was cut in half with several deformities left as well (inverted V deformity, deviated tip, deviated septum)
Also functionally my nose was very much damaged as I was struggling to breathe in every moment in the past year due the nasal valve collapse- which is something that I do not desire even to my worst enemy.
I was left with feminine scooped deformed nose (I am male) that doesn't work, which left me very much traumatized and I was hiding from the people for entire year.
I was searching for the right doctor for entire year spending several hours per day in reading about this subject and at the end my choice was Dr. Robotti and he was kind enough to accept my case.

During the consultation he showed me many cases similar to mine and he believed that he could make improvement. He also showed me many male patient cases which is completely different ball game to female rhinoplasty.
My impression was that Dr Robotti is not sales- oriented individual and that is something that I appreciate. To some of my requests he was firm to say no and that we need to remain realistic. He was very clear that operation of this kind is hard (and he was right), that rib graft will be needed and that I should clearly think before making a decision.
I decided to bite a bullet and go for it so far results are better than I expected- I can breathe again and that is something that I will be grateful forever and aesthetically my nose was very much improved- it just looks like normal male nose without any deformities.
It is 4 months after the surgery and early to judge the final result, and I will keep you updated on 1 year mark.

I do appreciate effort of Dr Robotti, his assistant Dr Leone, anesthesiologist and entire team. Thank you for that. It feels like I can lead normal life again. Surgery took 6,5 hours and it was not easy in any way. Please find some pictures attached, I will crop them but hopefully you could get impression what was done.

This is review mostly for people seeking revision rhinoplasty. If you are in situation like I was (I hope not) do a very deep research and make sure to wait at least a year before going for revision. I cannot give you advice which doctor to chose for revision, but I can tell you which NOT to chose;
the one that cannot show you the pictures of similar cases to yours, one that is offering some kind of easy- miracle solution, and in my opinion best is to chose some doctor that has focus on rhinoplasty, or even better doing only rhinoplasty.

For the patients seeking primary surgery my only advice is- Don't do it!
Unless you have some deformity that makes you cry every time you look in the mirror, don't do it. Things go sideways way too often that anyone could think, it is very dangerous game to play in my opinion.

One more time big thanks to Dr Robotti. I will always have regrets for having primary rhinoplasty, but he gave me normal looking and functional nose that I could continue my life with.

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Wow, Dr. Robotti made a great improvement to your nose. Did he derotate the tip as well? It looks very symmetrical now. I hope you are happy and thank you for sharing your story.

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Hi and my apologies for late reply.
Im not sure about the tip, but overall everything is just more symmetric and normal comparing to previous situation. And most importantly- breathing is very much improved.

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