Pamela Ribbe

Pamela Ribbe

I had been curious about all of the hype botulinum toxin was getting so when I was invited to a botulinum toxin Party, I thought that was the time to find out. The Clinic is first of all, a clean and beautiful enviornment to be seen in which is why I choose to have the work done there. The staff and introduction to the programs offered are both friendly and professional.I was interested in fixing the creases between my brows with the botulinum toxin and the nasal labial folds around my mouth with the Beautical 5. We first discussed what was to be done and then the 'before' photoes were taken. I went into another room where some numbing cream was applied and I waited until it's effects coudl be felt. As I waited, the nurse turned on a computer so I could answer my mail, or look at the web, something to take my mind off the procedure. When she returned, I lie down on the bed and she began. The pain was minimal, like a bee ssting at it's worst. Because I had the botulinum toxin and Beautical, and the numbing cream takes an hour to take effect, the whole procedure was over in 1 hour and 1/2.I could see the results of the Beautical 5 almost immediately and in a few days also the botulinum toxin. After a week my face had lost that tense look. Not expressionless, just calm. My husband noticed right away saying only that my face looked very good what did you do? I am not ready now, and wonder if I ever will get over my fear of a face lift. The one-two punch of botulinum toxin and Beautical5 is enough to keep me feeling good about myself for several years to come.I have always been open about the different treatments I use. As a woman, I want my friends to know what's out there that can help them to slow the look of ageing. It's a special secret I share with the 'Girls'!

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