Charlotte Robertson

Charlotte R

Day  1  [10/05/2009]I left my home at 18.00 and I arrived at London Luton airport at 07.00 and was very exited although truthfully a little nervous. I went through check-in & passport control with no problem at all. I boarded the plane at 08.45 and my flight was smooth, in fact I slept most of the journey. I landed at Prague at 11.30 [UK time 12.30]. I was greeted at the airport by Pavel, a co-owner from , who was very pleasant. After taking some photographs of my arrival, Pavel drove me to the apartments where I would be staying during my time in Prague.  The apartment was lovely and located close to the Esthe clinic where I was to have my surgery.  I then fell asleep as I was very tired.before and afterDay 2 [11/05/2009]At 07.00 Julie, a representative from, arrived to accompany me to the doctors to have my pre-operative tests which included blood tests, EKG, weight, respiratory system and I had my urine tested.  After the Clinic Julie and I went for a coffee which was nice and Julie was great in explaining the city of Prague and its various tourist attractions. At 10.00 it was back to the clinic to have a sono breast examination which was all fine.  We were back at the apartment by 11.00 and ready for the photographer. Julie also interviewed me and asked me questions about why I felt I needed surgery? And how it would change my life etc? I explained that I had 2 children quite young and it had ruined my breasts. This abnormality had impacted on the way I felt about myself and it definitely undermined my self confidence and made me feel vulnerable. I knew that by having surgery to correct my breasts it would help me feel better and less self conscious about my body. Then we took pictures of the area from 3 angles front, 45 degree angle and profile. We then moved to Esthe clinic to have my consultation with my surgeon Karel Urban M.D. He explained my options and methods of surgery. I choose to go for the larger option and have m incisions done from around my arola, which gave me minimal scarring. He explained which type of implant I was having which was silicone gel, round and textured. I explained that I wanted to be a size D and he told me that he was going to use 450cc size implant. I felt he explained the surgery really well and I left he clinic feeling really relaxed and more at ease about surgery. Julie escorted me back to my apartment where relaxed, had a shower and got ready for my ‘big day’Day 3 [12/05/2009] The Big DayJulie arrived at my apartment at 8.30am and we made our way to Esthe clinic to have the surgery. I then met a nurse who escorted us to my room. I was told to put on the operative gown and socks. I left Julie and waited in the room for  anthenatics  to arrive. The aneasistice arrived and explained how I was going to be sedated for the operation. The nurse then took me upstairs where I was met by surgeon Karel Urban. He did markings on my chests of areas he was going to make incisions. He then took before photos. I then was taken into the operating theatre where the anthenatis sedated me for the operation. The operation took around 2 hours and I woke up in the recovery room shaking a little from the anathestic. Then I was greeted by Stuart from ‘the Hilotherapy system’ he explained about the machine which helps reduce swelling and bruising to the area. I was very sleepy and I slept until the evening. I woke in the evening and needed to use the toilet. It was initially painful to sit up but I walked with the nurse and it was O.K. I had drains attached to me from the operation to remove excess fluid from my breasts. Dr Urban came and visited me and explained surgery was fine and asked how I was feeling? I explained that I felt a little pain but I was O.K. I went to sleep for the rest of the day. Day 4[13/5/2009]I woke up around 9am and I had a good relaxing sleep. I had painkillers in the morning with my breakfast. I then relaxed and I had a visit from Stuart from Hilotherm who bought me flowers, a card and a English magazine, which really lifted my spirits. At around 2pm Dr Urban visited me to change my bandages and check my breasts. This also meant I could see them. He helped me over to the mirror when I see them I was so happy and overwhelmed. I loved them!!!  I never thought it was possible for them to look so great from what they were like previously, I love it. He explained that I was going to have my drains removed the following day as he wanted to have more fluid removed and that I will be discharged at 12pm also the following day. He said I was to see again on Monday 18th to have my post op check up before I returned home.  I relaxed the rest of the day the pain was a little better but very tender in the breast area I just had  painkillers if the pain was strong.Day 5 [14/5/2009]I woke up at around 8am and had my painkillers again with my breakfast. The nurse arrived at 10 am and explained I was to have my drains removed, when she removed them it was very painful but it was quick so I didn’t have time to think about it because it was over. I relaxed for around an hour then  I got washed and dressed and waited for Julie to arrive. I felt much more mobile and in less pain.  Julie arrived at 12 and we left Esthe and went for some lunch, Julie got me some painkillers and escorted me back to my apartment. My father arrived from the U.K to look after me at around 16.30. My dad helped making food and I relaxed the rest of the day. I felt much better.Day6[15/5/2009]I had a good sleep and felt I was very much back to normal but I was still resting. Pavel came to my apartment around 11am to visit me and ask how I was doing, feeling etc. I explained I was feeling so much better and I was so happy with the results of surgery. He left and my father made me some food , for the rest of the day I relaxed and watched movies I felt so much better and so happy.Day 7[16/5/2009]Today I was feeling so good I decided to go outside and have some lunch with my father in a local restaurant as he was leaving today and I felt so good. I only went local as I didn’t want to do to much too soon but it was great I got to see some of Prague which is a beautiful city. We then went back to apartment and relaxed for the rest of the evening. As the days were passing I was feeling more and more better and the pain was minimal.Day 8[17/05/09]Today was really good I was in so much less pain and had a really good night sleep with no pain killers, I am feeling so much better and I really am getting used to my new look. I already feel so much more confident and I love it. I went for dinner with my father and we went to the Old Town which was so beautiful. I loved the atmosphere and the people in Prague are so friendly, it’s such a lovely city. We went back to the apartment and I went to sleep as I am a little tired.Day9 [18/05/09]Julie arrived at my apartment at 12.30 pm  and we made our way the Esthe Clinic to have my post- operative consultation with surgeon Karel Urban M.D. We were greeted by the photographer who video my check up with Dr Urban. Dr Urban examined my breasts and ensured me that everything was really good and he was very happy with the results of surgery. He then gave me my aftercare advise which was to wear my supportive bra for 3weeks 24hrs and to then just wear it at night for a further 3 weeks. I then was told that I was to do no heavy lifting for at least 6weeks and to take things easy and relax. He changed the bandages and dressing so I could see the results of the scars around the areola. I was so shocked the results were amazing the scars were so tiny I was so happy I couldn’t believe how great they looked and from what they were before the results was absolutely amazing!!! I then did a short interview outside and then I left Esthe and went back to apartment to rest for my flight tomorrow as I really miss my two little girls and I really can’t wait to see them.Day 10 [19/05/09]Pavel came to my apartment at 6.30 am so to escort me to the airport as my flight was leaving at 7.30 am. I am so excited to go home I really miss my family and I can’t wait to have a fresh start I really am so happy. I boarded the plane fine and I had a really smooth flight I slept most of the way and I arrived at London Luton at 8.30am (U.K time) . I was greeted at the airport by my family I  was so happy to see them. I went back to my mum’s house I showed her the results. She was amazed and so happy for me. I just feel so confident and I can’t wait for summer to go away and start looking at bikinis.I really enjoyed the whole experience and I would recommend to anyone whose considering surgery to go for it. It really has changed my mind and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The staff for and the Esthe clinic were really helpful and I felt really looked after. I feel that everyone could communicate really well with me and mostly everyone spoke English.I would like to say Thank you to for this fantastic opportunity and you have truly changed my life forever. Thanks so much!Charlotte RobertsonBefore and after the surgery the winners of the competition were accomodated in luxorious private PragueCityAppartments providing maximum comfort and absolute tranquility with amazing proximity to the historical centre of Prague.

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