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Scar on my leg

Paps Dr Kwasi Debra MD MBA Accra 2018-10-04
Haven't done it yet

I have an old scar's on my leg. Now, i want the scar area to be like my natural skin

Scare treatment

Registered user Greater Accra 2018-09-19
Haven't done it yet

Am expecting to get a good result

cut on my forehead

Nyame Ne Hene Dr Kwasi Debra MD MBA Accra 2018-01-16
Haven't done it yet

Please I have a cut on my forehead and i want to know if you can remove it completely and please the cost in involved.. Thank you

New beginning

Slaone Prof Dr Sunil Richardson Nagercoil 2017-11-21
Haven't done it yet

Permanently get rid of the scars

OT The Coast and Gorski Kotar 2017-07-10
It's worth it

Bonjour, malheureusement je ne parle pas en Croate, je suis une Suisses d'origine Russe. Suis venue chez Dr. Nino Vidas par un pur hasard et une urgence. Je suis une patiente de cliniques reconnues en Suisse comme La P... More 

Scars remove

yaaaa Dr. med. Klaus Luttenberger Karlsruhe 2016-10-12
Haven't done it yet

scars remove

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