My name is Tamara. I want to share my surgical experience I had while coming to the Dr. Jo Skulavik´s office in Vienna, Austria for a Rhinoplasty and Chin implant. Before I had my procedures done, I´ve been very self conscious of my profile. I thought about it all the time, and I felt really flawed. I finally made the decision to have surgery and I am glad I did. I was operated at one of the top private clinics in Vienna having all the comfort and safety which come along with international medical facilities. In addition I saved some serious money since my operations cost only a fraction of what I was quoted in the U.K. before surgery - after surgeryDr. Skulavik is a plastic surgeon who combines surgical skills with an amazing artistic talent. During the initial phase of our relationship Dr. Skulavik draw pictures of my profile showing me step by step how I might look like after each single procedure. First after Rhinoplasty alone, then after Rhinoplasty and Chin implant and finally after Rhinoplasty, Chin implant and submental Liposuction. Especially her advice to undergo submental liposuction enhanced the overall aesthetic result. I was impressed by her drawings and the fact how much time she took.Dr. Skulavik consistently took care of me before, during and after OP, visited me each day and after leaving Vienna we kept in touch via E-mail. She was very attentive, answered all my questions, responded to my concerns such making sure that I feel fine and comfortable. before surgery - after surgeryMy Rhinoplasty and Chin implant experience in Vienna was an extremely positive one - both the operation as well as the result. Her warmth and enthused confidence in how she would improve my whole profile - coupled with her skills and talent - put me at ease during those days. The result is amazing. My new nose and chin fit me naturally and perfectly. I no longer worry about my profile. Among my friends and colleagues who are aware of the surgery, all have been astounded by how natural my "new look" is. And among those, to whom I did not disclose the fact about my surgery, they have noticed that something changed about me, but they do not know what. They just recognize that I look much better now. Pictures before the surgery &  after 2,5 years from the surgeryDr. Jo Skulavik, I can´t thank you enough for taking your time and giving your talent.

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Hello tamara, please could i please talk with you regarding your chin implant because i am interested and i would like to take some doubts with you.

Many thanks


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Andrew, U.K. Dr. Skulavik is fantastic! Excellent work, kind, helpful, and easy to discuss concerns with. She is professional, kind and caring and involved in the whole process which is most comforting and respectable. ... More 

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