Ultimate BEST revision rhinoplasty experience with Professor/Dr. Pietro Palma in Milano

Ultimate BEST revision rhinoplasty experience with Professor/Dr. Pietro Palma in Milano


I had the ultimate BEST revision rhinoplasty experience with Professor/Dr. Pietro Palma in Milan, Italy!! I am American and let me just begin my review by saying that Professor Palma is a multiple board certified rhinoplasty specialist with many years of experience, various certifications and a vast education exclusively specializing in the field of rhinoplasty. He travels and lectures surgeons around the world on the skill and very delicate complexities of Rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. He is the Leonardo Divinci of Rhinoplasty and a true genius!! Not only is he is an extremely kind, caring, articulate, thorough and gentle person, but he is incredibly professional, highly skilled and a truly brilliant surgeon. My husband was actually the one who researched and initially found Professor Palma and I am eternally grateful!! He has people flying to Italy from around the world to have him perform rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Professor Palma is notably the best rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the world!! Italy is known to have the best healthcare in the world when it comes to the quality of care and very thorough, highly educated, knowledgable and experienced physicians.

I’ll begin by saying that because I live on the west-coast of the US, I met with several surgeons in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area and first of all, they didn’t specialize soley in Rhinoplasty which means they do a plethora of procedures but they don’t have one particular focus or specialty. I got the feeling that they didn’t feel 100% convinced that they could give me the result I was hoping for and they all kept saying I needed open rhinoplasty and that it would be a very complicated surgery, which really scared me. So the real question for me was... would I rather have a surgery with a doctor who isn’t a specialist in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty or would I rather it be done by someone who is a world renowned specialist in the field of rhinoplasty? I had rhinoplasty 18 years prior which left me with a very long columella which was hanging down severally below the tip and nostril show under the tip was something that always bothered me. Also, the septum was severely deviated so this made the left side crooked internally, plus I had a quite wide boney bridge base from breaking it several times as a child plus genetics didn’t help, and some thickness on the top which made my nose look very wide and long vertically. Professor Palma was able to address all of these areas and give me the petite, feminine nose I had wished for the first time AND with a closed revision rhinoplasty!!!!

I am posting before photos now and will follow up in a month or two with some after photos :)

Prior to meeting Professor Palma, he asked that I email him a series of photos of my face from various angles and to specify exactly what I liked and did not like about my nose. I also included a photo of the type of nose I’d truly love to have as a result. And now thanks to Professor Palma, I have my dream nose!! Just before we met him, we met a sweet lady from Amsterdam in the lobby who had just had the exact type of surgery I did the day prior. She was so bubbly, with so much energy and feeling fantastic the morning after her surgery and was really raving about Dr. Palma and the entire experience and this was just a bonus for me!! She kept saying that he is world renowned in the field of rhinoplasty and this, as with us, was key in making the decision. Also while we were there, we saw a beautiful model from Germany who flew to meet him, a woman from Australia had just left and a few people from England for their post ops in the lobby. Professor Palma greeted us in the lobby personally and invited us into his office. He sat with my husband and I for over 2 hours in the initial consultation. He had studied my photos in great detail and had them printed out for us to review. After I expressed what I liked and what I wanted to change in person, he gave me his opinions but first, he really listened to me. He was so kind and honest. What I loved immediately is that he really cared and listened to me, he was looking so carefully at my nose from the inside-out. Another big bonus is that Doctor Palma speaks absolutely perfect English and also corresponds directly with you via email and whatsapp. He even followed up with us the day after our consultation to personally see if I had any other thoughts, questions or concerns. Then, the afternoon before the procedure, he called me again and on Sunday prior to the surgery which was on Monday, just to wish me a beautiful evening and a good nights rest. And later on before bed, he sent us an email wishing me sweet dreams. I mean, what doctor does this in the States?? I’ve seen several and I can say, this was a first for me!! This is what all doctors should be doing for their patients, especially in the field of plastic surgery as we are ultimately trusting them with our bodies. Professor Palma is what all surgeons should aspire to become!!

The morning of the procedure, we arrived at the hospital and filled out all of the paperwork. The payment wasn’t an issue, we could pay anytime prior to the surgery (we paid the day of the procedure just before being admitted) and there was no 20%-50% deposit to secure a date 2-3 months in advance or a need to pay the final portion 2 weeks prior to the procedure (which is standard in the US). You only pay an initial consultation fee that goes toward your procedure. Professor Palma showed me at least 20 photos that he took of me personally at our initial consultation with a high res camera. Then he did an analysis after printing the photos with the radius of my face, dimensions and detailed measurements and the nose in relation to the diameter of my eyes, what my face looks like mirrored on each side (our faces are not symmetrical), etc. This was fascinating to see that each side of the nose had its own individual issues and is rarely the same. Then he detailed exactly what I wanted in the after photos, along with his suggestions. They looked so beautiful, with a lovely, positive change, but at the same time… with a very natural but dramatic result. My husband was initially apprehensive of my concerns and wishes to change my nose and it took some time… but after meeting Dr. Palma and then seeing the after photos… they made him say wow!!… that really looks outstanding!! Dr. Palma also asked in length every detail of my family history, the health history on both parents sides, how and when I broke my nose in the past, any other facial injuries, etc. He and his staff really took A LOT of time for me from beginning to end.

Before the procedure, Doctor Palma came to my room to ask all about my family health history, my allergies, to review my blood tests, and to discuss everything clearly, what he will improve, etc. Then the anesthesiologist came and we also had an in length conversation as well. He was also so kind and even set up my IV personally. Then the cardiologist came to give me an EKG and a through analysis of my heart, listened to my heart, measured my blood pressure, reviewed the EKG results, etc. Then the anesthesiologist returned again and proceeded to give me a little pre-cocktail that immediately relaxed me so I was feeling very calm going into surgery. Doctor Palma and the anesthesiologist greeted me with big smiles and a large staff was waiting in the room as well. I was so impressed and felt so comfortable!! I had Dr. Palma on one side of my head and the anesthesiologist on the other, both rubbing my face.. in fact, it made me want to cry, I felt so safe and relaxed. This was something I wanted to do for many years so it meant so much to me to meet such an incredible surgeon. Then Dr. Palma asked me how I feel and then said… Ok, so now you will start to fall asleep… and that was it. The anesthesiologist called my husband every 30 mins during the surgery to update him on my progress, what Professor Palma was doing next, how my heart rate was, how I was breathing, etc. This thoroughly impressed my husband, he was so happy and was nearly in tears. I don’t remember anything after falling asleep, I didn’t feel any pain, nausea or discomfort at all. I awoke around 3 hours later of course feeling groggy and a bit disoriented, but I didn't feel pain. Of course, later there was a little but to be expected and I had an IV overnight so they flushed fluids, antibiotics as well as pain killers that worked beautifully. They also set up a very comfy bed for my husband to sleep on right next to me and they had a lovely restaurant downstairs with a super cafe, Italian food and wine :) In fact, my husband brought his meal upstairs with me in my room and he drank a lovely red wine which would be impossible in the US :) They also had many international TV programs and movies to watch.

Another incredible thing is that Dr. Palma came to visit me in my room twice to check on me and said the surgery was a success and that my nose is beautiful :) He explained everything he did that we discussed, what to do and what not to do and then gave us a long list reiterating this in an English printout along with medicines to take and an ointment to apply inside the nose for several days. The procedure is done under general anesthesia, so the anesthesiologist stayed at the hospital just for me until after 7pm, my surgery was at 2pm and he came to visit me a couple of times along with the nurses to check on my vitals. I was their only surgery that day so they were all there just for me. They go above and beyond for their patients and their family members!!

I also found it very impressive that Professor Palma had other surgeons present in my surgery who had flown to Italy to witness his skills and learn his techniques in watching him do my procedure!! This process was life changing for both myself and my husband who was actually more nervous about it than I was. I finally experienced what a real doctor should be doing for their patients... which is giving 100% of their time, 100% of their communication, providing their WhatsApp/private cell phone number, their direct email address, taking the time to answer all of your questions, etc. and not selling procedures, creams and tagging on extra fees. I really felt the difference in ultimate care and I felt so safe. It was so worth it and a dream process for me!!!! Choosing a qualified surgeon in a specific field can be very challenging and sometimes overwhelming with a lot of selling going on in the US, along with very limited time spent with the surgeon before and after the procedure. And another thing is many surgeons don’t specialize in one specific area. Professor Palma is a rhinoplasty guru and you can see and feel the deep admiration he has from his staff, fellow surgeons as well as his students.

I am SO thrilled with this experience and the results!! Now I get to stay in Italy and recover!! I had my cast removed 6 days after the surgery and my nose looked soooo beautiful!! There was a little swelling which is to be expected, but the result is absolutely outstanding!! Something we didn’t know but learned while at the hospital, they have a deal with Alitalia and will give you 50% off of your airline tickets :) So you can fly to Italy, have rhinoplasty with the worlds best surgeon, heal in the most beautiful country in the world AND return home with a goddess nose!!!!

Thank you Professor Palma, I’m soooo happy with the results!! YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS.

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