Facelift, necklift, foreheadlift and blepharoplasty


I have been planning to have a full facelift, necklift and foreheadlift and blepharoplasty for a long time now. Due to high prices I could not afford to have the surgery in the UK, where I live. That's is why I looked to have it in another European country. I have looked into practices in Belgium and Poland, among others, but Dr Skulavik's practice in Vienna & Bratislava attracted my attention and trust. Other practices seemed to not have a personalised approach, whilst Dr Skulavik prides herself on having an exceptionally individual approach to each of her clients. She also has an artistic talent, which complements her surgical talent very nicely. I opted to have surgery in Bratislava, in the private clinic Medissimo. Taking into account my age (71) and the duration and the extent of the surgery, Dr Skulavik thought it best to have the facelift/necklift/foreheadlift and blepharoplasty in two stages - first the face/neck/forehead, and some six months later to have blepharoplasty. I had the operation under local anaeshtesia and sedation, which I tolerated reasonably well. At day 1 post-operatively, my face was swollen, as expected, but again, because of my age, risk of haematomas and poor healing are higher. So it was important to do as much as possible to prevent these complications. I applied ice packs to my face continuously, day and night, after the surgery, gradually at day 4-5 reducing to intermittent ice application. I also started holopathy treatment (complementary medicine) at day 2 post-operatively. There is relativelly little known about holopathy in the UK, so I have not heard of it before. But it had a remarkable effect on my recovery, moreover, I generally had a very good recovery, not requiring much pain relief, only some paracetamol on an 'as required' rather than regular basis. At day 5-6 post-operatively I was even able to go sight seeing in Vienna, where we were staying after the surgery in Slovakia. It took about two to three months for the haematomas/bruises, especially in the neck, to resolve. But now, six months later, there are no signs of scars or haematomas at all. I found Dr Skulavik very professional and dedicated, and a very skilled surgeon with broad experience in plastic surgery. I am pleased with the result of the surgery , and I am looking forward to seeing her again for the blepharoplasty. I look naturally younger, i.e. without looking artificial or 'stretched'. Now I take pride in my appearance as the way I look reflects the way I feel. Whereas, before the surgery, I used to avoid looking in the mirror, as it would remind me of how aged I looked. Today I love to look in the mirror as it reminds me that I not only feel great but I look great!

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