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The man to speak with is Gary! He runs the place and made everything an extraordinary experience. The doctor was incredible as well because the results were just as I asked for. There were no complications, and will go back for some brotox or something soon. They charged me fairly, compared to other clinics in Bangkok, who use generic fillers, and I know this because I know what the product costs in my hometown of Los Angeles. Many Thai clinics try to rob foreigners because they think foreigners must not know or have the money to pay high prices. I say, do your homework, check out the HE clinic in Thonglor, you will be pleasantly surprised at how cool it is there.
They have a specialty for making men larger in certain areas, and I don’t know about that, but I know the doctor was excellent with what I went for, he was precise and had the proper training. Thank you HE clinic!

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Dear Toby, what wrinkles can be treated with the generic fillers? Never heard about them...Thx!

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