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Gender surgery, chest operation in Warszawa

Lukas94 Dr n. med. Lubomir Lembas Warszawa 2018-12-07
Haven't done it yet

I am looking for a chest operation for men.

I want change my gender female to male surgery

Ashi CSSC International + Lahore 2019-05-27
Haven't done it yet

I want change my gender female to male surgery

Gender Reaccignment Surgery in Lahore

Registered user CSSC International + Lahore 2018-09-25
Haven't done it yet

Much disturb due to current position need relief by std ftm

More info about FTM

Registered user 2017-07-31
Haven't done it yet

Want to take information about FTM in Pakistan. I need help.


Lornacol Kent 2017-05-11
Haven't done it yet

Being patient, is part of the copping strategy, when you fill as I was born with the normal male appendgies.

I want to change my gender

Nazish CSSC International + Lahore 2017-04-18
Haven't done it yet

sir i want to change my gender but i do'nt know procegger right hospital and expenses etc.

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