Traveled from the UK for Revision with Professor Palma - got a great result!

Traveled from the UK for Revision with Professor Palma - got a great result!


I traveled from the UK during mid-2016 for Revision Rhinoplasty with Professor Palma who performed my FOURTH nose surgery. The result? Speechless when I first saw it and still amazed one year later! I'm delighted with the result and it feels entirely natural.

My history involved a rather awful septoplasty which caused a saddle nose deformity amongst other problems, followed by 2 Rhinoplasty surgeries with grafts to augment and improve my nose plus more work on my septum, hence tertiary rhinoplasty with Professor Palma but actually 4 surgeries in total so my nose was obviously compromised and not an easy case.

Further to the surgeries I had prior to meeting Professor Palma, I had a nose markedly deviated from the front view which also felt overgrafted, lacking in character, wider and less feminine than my original nose so bit of a mess from the front in particular.

However, it took me years to have the heart to reach out to surgeons again as I had been under the misapprehension that nothing further could be done.

Once I had eventually decided to research surgeons, I cast my net wide as I realised this was delicate surgery and required exceptional talent not just for a good cosmetic outcome but for a safe procedure. I knew from the first Septoplasty procedure that when nose surgery doesn't go well, there are can be functional problems and health consequences to deal which can be surprisingly painful. I wanted a surgeon dedicated to Rhinoplasty, with a background in facial plastics and ENT surgery. I was prepared to travel if necessary to find the right surgeon. I researched extensively and once on my radar, had Professor Palma at the top of my shortlist from amongst several surgeons in various parts of Europe. He was one of the very few who fulfilled all of the criteria I had set and is globally renowned.

I traveled to Milan for my first consultation and chatted in the waiting room with a few other patients who had traveled from overseas, all seeking revisions. In spite of the fact that Professor Palma is very busy, the consultation was not rushed at all (as I'm accustomed to with surgeons at home, typically). On the contrary, it was extremely thorough and detailed. The consultation confirmed that he was clearly a serious and dedicated surgeon - also respectful and sensitive; I'm under the impression that he takes care and pride in achieving the best possible outcome for his patients. His surgical skills are widely acclaimed anyway by his peers but in my opinion he has something extra in terms of artistic sensitivity and taste which permeate his surgical skills.

As an illustration, I was hyper fixated on the deviation which was of course very important but Professor Palma pointed out numerous other matters which he wished to address. I believe many other surgeons would have overlooked those issues to the detriment of the outcome. He, on the other hand, is able to create a refined and pretty nose with nuances of naturalness, congruent with one's other facial features.

We had a second very involved consultation the day prior to surgery to discuss Professor Palma's analysis/plan in detail and to go over how all of that could be integrated with my preferences. However, I trusted him with his vision, frankly.

I was admitted very efficiently on the day of surgery and had no opportunity to feel nervous. The care and attention from Professor Palma and all of the staff at the hospital was excellent and far more reassuring than anything I've experienced in the UK, I would have to say. I was impressed with both the facility and the level of care from the medical staff including a super kind anaesthetist.

I saw Professor Palma numerous times on the day of surgery and also on the following day. I feel that he follows through on the entire process personally because he loves what he does, is probably a perfectionist and actually likes interacting with his patients.

Unlike on previous occasions, I had a very easy ride with the surgery and recovery this time. I'd expected to be confined to a hotel room for a week but that wasn't the case at all. The surgery was endonasal which I expect is far less invasive and traumatic than open surgery. I had no graft donor sites this time. Plus, no scars!

I was very nervous of cast removal due to past experience of seeing an unexpected result but when I saw my nose I was absolutely thrilled, to put it mildly! The deviated, unrefined and generally off kilter nose was now a soft, refined, feminine nose obliterating the "washed out" look I had previously. I'm not sure who was happier - me or Professor Palma!

A year later, I'm sumultaneously still thrilled yet barely thinking of my nose. I can get on with life without feeling self conscious and that is priceless. It is only since this last procedure that I have been able to look at old photographs taken prior to having any surgery on my nose. Previously it was too upsetting. Now I feel that what was lost in that sense has been restored.

As I stated previously I researched rhinoplasty surgeons quite extensively (over 2 years, on and off). That combined with my own experience leads me to believe that Professor Palma is one of the few global rhinoplasty experts qualified for complex revisions. If I had to make my choice again, I certainly would not choose anybody else! He is the top of his field.

Finally this is not "conveyor belt style" surgery. In spite of his stature and consequently what I assume must be an incredibly tight schedule, Professor Palma follows up personally. If I had a concern or query, he addressed this himself, promptly.

I think he is a wonderful, uniquely talented surgeon and feel fortunate to have had a doctor of his standing and expertise take on my case. I think it is a fairly understandable scenario for patients, after numerous prior procedures, to start feeling just a bit fed up with surgeons leaving us to struggle so he, in his unique way, is a breath of fresh air as well as a consummate professional surgeon.

Professor Palma is a credit to his profession and not only restored my nose but also demonstrated to me a more caring, dedicated and empathetic side to this surgical field.

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Hi UKRevision2016,

Wow, thank you very much for this beautiful and helpful review! Congratulation to find such a professional and I hope you will enjoy your new nose!

Best regards,


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