1. GEO advertisement

Doctors’ advertisements for a specific procedure geographically targeted at the visitor’s region. Ultimate profiles rank first on the list, followed by Premium. Doctors on the same profile type appear in random order each time the list is displayed.

2. List of doctors

The list displays only doctors who fit the filters used – doctors who perform the selected procedure in the selected region (country, district or city). Beyond that, the list is ranked using the following criteria:

a. Profile type – Ultimate accounts appear first, followed by Premium and Basic

b. Credits – doctors get points for various things, especially:

  • Transparent Doctor status
  • Forum activity in the last year
  • The doctor’s reviews from patients and colleagues
  • Publishing articles and videos
  • Doctor’s payment amounts… etc.

c. Randomizer – in order to mix up the results, we have also introduced a randomizer that changes every 24 hours.

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Updated: 2018-01-18

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