Paul Gerhardt Diakonie supports dramatic rescue operation

In April 2010, Natia Gabechava, a Georgian student currently studying in Berlin, and Rainer Ossig from the German-Russian Integration Association in Mönchengladbach, started a relief action for Rati Xmaladz from Georgia! The 15-year-old boy suffers from a gunshot wound and urgently needs an operation so that he will be able to walk free of pain again some day.

Thanks to financial support by Bild hilft e.V. (Bild helps) – "Ein Herz für Kinder" (A Heart for Children), the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation, the Katarina Witt Foundation and the AWD-Stiftung Kinderhilfe foundation, Rati can now come to Germany and undergo an operation here. The four foundations will together assume the surgery costs of approx. Euro 20,000. Since 20 September 2010, Rati has now been in Berlin accompanied by his mother. The German embassy in Tiflis has been supporting the relief action very speedily and without red tape and issued the visas.

Rati wil be operated on by Lecturer Dr. Nektarios Sinis, MD, Chief Consultant (and Medical Director) at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery at the Martin-Luther-Hospital (Caspar-Theyß-Str. 27 – 31, 14193 Berlin).

Dr. Sinis about the medical diagnosis: "Rati has suffered a gunshot wound to the left groin. This led to laceration of the neurovascular bundle in the groin and a large soft tissue defect, which has now healed in terms of an unstable scar. As a result of the axonal injury, individual muscles in the foot failed. In the course of years, this led to impaired balance due to the preponderance of the still sound muscles, resulting in malposition and paralysis of the ankle joint. We are now planning to set upright the foot in the ankle joint by means of a transfer of sinews and, in addition, to treat the defect in the groin with a free microsurgical tissue transplant from the right thigh (removal of a unit of skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue at an artery and vein/nerve and connection at the left thigh). In this way the scar area (approx. 10 x 20 cm) can be replaced and sensation restored as well. The first operation will take approx. 5 hours, the second operation 10 hours.

Rati may is indeed very excited, but also happy to be in Berlin: "I hope to be able to live without pain and to walk again some day."

Updated: 2013-10-16