Winners of the UK Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Competition!

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery,, the leading international portal for plastic surgery and dermatology, announces the winners of 'The UK Cosmetic Surgery Competition'.

The 5 ultimate winners are to receive FREE all-inclusive plastic surgery treatment carried out by leading Czech plastic surgeons.

The 1st prize consists of: plastic surgery treatment performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, return airt ticket and airport transport, consultation and pre-operative medical examination, post-operative care and all-inclusive in clinic accomodation.

The surgical treaments are going to be performed in May – June, 2009.

Before and after the surgery the winners will be accomodated in luxorious private PragueCityAppartments providing maximum comfort and absolute tranquility with amazing proximity to the historical centre of Prague.


Residence Karolina


Residence Rybna


vicky_n_z Vicky Rowland (26),

Sidcup Kent, UK

Breast enlargement

„I have always had small breasts and have been very conscious about them to the point where it is completely ruining my life. I have never had a cleavage and even putting on a bikini to go on a beach or in a pool is unbearable as I simply do not have anything to put in it! The problem is I also had a child at the age of 17 and this has made my breasts very saggy. So, what very little cup I do have, droops very noticeably. Having breast surgery would make me feel like a woman. It truly would make me the happiest woman alive.“

kathryn-z Kathryn Mashhadi (23),

Felbridge West Sussex, UK


„Ever since I was young I have hated my nose. I used to get bullied for having a "witch" nose because of the hump. I hate having photographs taken of myself and have hardly any pictures of me with my son or husband. I know that my nose is not one of the worst cases but I feel that a more refined nose would give me a huge boost in self-confidence. I feel that apart from my nose I am happy with my face and that finally I would be able to do some modelling if this was altered. This has always been a dream of mine and I don't want it to pass me by.“

clare_z1 Clare Adams (40),

Canvey Island Essex, UK

Breast remoddeling

I am coming up to 40, I have two wonderful children and have spent my whole adult life looking after them. Now I want to do something for me!!! I don’t want to look old at 40, I wnat to be a 'yummy mummy' and want to show my husband how great I can be. I need my self confiedence back, my esteam has gone and I want the old happy me back for good not just occasionly. I need to chuck out the scales!


Roman Kufa, M.D.


Tomáš Doležal, M.D.


Libor Kment, M.D.

helen Helen Tidswell (27),

Shelf Halifax, UK

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

„I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at about 16 years old. Within about 6 months I ballooned by about 4 stoneI am thankful to have been able to conceive two little girls as the condition can severley effect fertility. After my first daughter I worked extremely hard alongside an Endocrinologist to lose 5 and half stone. After giving birth to my second child I had the weight to lose again although just 3 stone that time. Photographers told me that I should follow a career in modelling due to my height and new found figure and love of the camera. I took this on board and even got a portfolio done. But underneath my clothes I hide an ugly unphotographable secret. The rapid weight gain in my teen years followed by two pregnancies has left my stomach ugly and sagging. I would love to have the confidence to follow up my portfolio but my stomach smashes my confidence. Having the tummy tuck would would close the "fat" chapter of my life and allow me to move on.“

charlotte-z Charlotte Robertson (22),

London, UK

Breast remoddeling & Up-lift

„I have had 2 children at a very young age which has completly ruined my breasts and life. They were origanally 34D but when having my first daughter they went up to a big 36F, they went down to a 34C for a little while until I had my youngest daughter when they balloned to 36G! They have now srunken down to 34B and I have so much excess skin, it’s disgusting. I am only 22 and I have no confidence. This has ruined my relationship with father of my children and I have been so depressed I just want to be a normal 22, have fun and not be so sad. I feel stuck in a hole and i cannot ever get myself out of it. The surgery would truely change my life.“


Josef Kulhánek, M.D., MBA


 Karel Urban, M.D.

Updated: 2009-04-01