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858 surgeons and 25 clinics perform this procedure. 18 surgeons and 8 clinics have listed prices for CoolSculpting. These prices are shown in the table below.

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State Surgeon / Clinic Note Price from Price to
Dr. med. Nikolaus Linde Prices from $904 USD usually to $1,435 USD
Mediestetik, skupina klinik Prices from $299 USD
Elena Romanova Prices from $532 USD
Klinika YES VISAGE - klinika estetické medicíny a plastické chirurgie The price includes... Prices from $334 USD usually to $630 USD
Dr. med. Thomas Hartmann Prices from $638 USD
LACLINIC Montreux Prices from $793 USD usually to $1,189 USD
Dr. Alexander T. Hamers Prices from $734 USD usually to $5,316 USD
Dr Laurent BENADIBA M.D Prices from $532 USD usually to $1,063 USD
Dr Franck Ouakil Prices from $617 USD usually to $1,212 USD
Dr Jérôme Quezel-Guerraz Prices from $744 USD usually to $2,977 USD
Dr Victor Médard de Chardon Prices from $425 USD
forbeauty - the medical aesthetic lounge Karlsruhe Prices from $266 USD
Dr. med. Achmed Tobias Scheersoi Prices from $638 USD
Dott. Ampelio Anfosso Prices from $532 USD usually to $3,190 USD Ali Saalabian Prices from $478 USD
Dr Bernard Hayot Prices from $425 USD usually to $585 USD
Schlosspraxis Brühl Prices from $638 USD
Dr. med. Juliane Bodo Prices from $424 USD usually to $691 USD
DUINBERGEN CLINIC Prices from $691 USD usually to $5,316 USD
Peyman Bamdad Prices from $691 USD
Dott. Eugenio Gandolfi Prices from $595 USD
Academia Day Clinic Prices from $595 USD
Dr van Heijningen Ivar 1 session to multiple Prices from $691 USD usually to $5,316 USD
Lazeo Clinic Prices from $798 USD
Dr. med. Maximilian Rossbach Prices from $638 USD
Dr Benoît Garnier Prices from $425 USD usually to $532 USD


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State Average
$478 USD
$3,004 USD
    Czech Republic
$473 USD
$901 USD
$626 USD
$1,861 USD
$482 USD
$3,025 USD
$1,017 USD
    United Kingdom
$798 USD

Price comparison - CoolSculpting - versions and alternatives

Procedure Average
Cryolipolysis $686 USD
CoolSculpting $1,426 USD
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